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Shinnihon Pepsitou’s “Sakura Shoku” [English]

Here’s a new translation by Nameless Translator, with editing by Conan.  Enjoy! (more…)

Q’s “Futanari Erection Girl” Chapter 05 [English]

Here’s another chapter of delicious Q girlcocks.  This chapter, titled “Roommate,” features two girls who are roommates in a boarding school.  One is rather domineering and decides to play the role of teacher in order to help the other learn how to relax in a rather special way.  Enjoy! (more…)

Mon-Mon’s “Labyrinth of Shame” Chapter 03 [English]

Time for another chapter of delicious Mon-Mon pr0n!  Translation by desudesu, as usual, this chapter is entitled “Ache.”  It features a woman who likes a little spice in her sex life, but her boyfriend doesn’t like it very much; she then runs off into the night and ends up discovering just how much of a pervert she really is.  Enjoy! (more…)

Mon-Mon’s “Labyrinth of Shame” Chapter 01 [English]

Here’s my latest on-going commission, courtesy of desudesu.  This is Mon-Mon’s most recent tankoubon, so you can expect large breasts, light bondage and domination, etc.  Many of the chapters tend to be fairly short (eight to twelve pages or so), but the artwork is great.  This first chapter is full color, and titled “Rape Classroom,” so that pretty much speaks for itself.

Mon-Mon tends to be published in the magazine Hana-Man Gold, but I can’t recall ever seeing scans.  Does anyone happen to have any copies?

Anyway, enjoy!


UniniGumi’s “SMP 0.5”

This is the first of two UniniGumi doujins I have scanned recently.  This one has already been scanned, but I had it scanned but uncleaned, so I figured it was best to just do it.  Enjoy! (more…)

Skirt-tuki’s “Artesia’s Shame”

Here’s Skirt-tuki’s C77 doujin; I’d already begun scanning it when the other one was posted, so I decided to finish it any way.  Enjoy! (more…)

Bang-You’s “How to Train Yoruneko – Collar Chapter”

I’ve had this sitting around for a while, but I completely forgot to post it.  I’d scanned it, but not cleaned it when the other scan came out.  Anyway, enjoy! (more…)

Q’s “Futanari Erection Girl” Chapter 01 [English]

Here’s the start of my latest commission from SaHa, Q’s (Behind Moon) first tankoubon, “Futanari Erection Girl.”  This chapter is entitled “Erection Girls.”  Also, down at the bottom of the post are chapters 7 through 10, which I previously had commissioned as magazine chapters, re-edited using the tankoubon scans.  Enjoy! (more…)

Subsonic Factor’s “Ramblin’ Butterfly [day]”

Here’s the companion piece to my earlier “Ramblin’ Butterfly [night]” scan.  Enjoy! (more…)

URC’s “Eas-Sama Nakewameeke”

This is URC’s release from C76, involving Eas from PreCure getting tentacle raped, as usual.  Enjoy! (more…)

Alemateorema’s “Garigari 19” [English]

Here’s my latest commission from desudesu, which was an incredible treat from C77.  I couldn’t believe someone actually did a Xenogears doujin, so I had to get it translated.  :)  What can I say, I’m a sucker for Elly, who is my favorite character across the board.  Now I just need to convince someone like Nao Kokonoki to do a doujin of her…  Enjoy!

Omnomnom, Elly~~~ (more…)

Skirt-tuki’s “Blonde Hair Amulet” [English]

Desudesu translated this on commission for Lord G, but the existing scans were crap.  I had started to rescan it at that point, so I offered to re-edit the English version.  Here’s the original post by desudesu if you want to tell him thanks for the translation.  Enjoy your Gundam novels spoof! (more…)

Minazuki’s “Setsuna-Wet Fun with Tentacles of Lust” [English]

Now I have for you all a new scan plus a translation by Nameless Translator!  This is Minazuki’s summer release, and features Setsuna from PreCure.  Enjoy! (more…)

Gambler Club’s “Natsu.Aki” [Translated]

My latest forced translation from 0405.  This time I made him watch Manos the Hands of Fate without commentary, on repeat.  Editing provided by bubbadg; all it took was some delicious cake.

Anyway, this Gambler Club doujin is one of the best ones they’ve ever done, IMO.  Mmmm, delicious full round Gambler Club boobies.  :9 (more…)

Angel Club 2009-06

It’s my birthday, so why am I giving YOU guys presents?  Anyway, enjoy your magazine filled with busty women!  (Plus futa, incest, shota, etc.)

Also, if anyone wishes to translate a chapter, let me know and I can get you the raw PNGs. (more…)

Nao Kokonoki’s Unnamed Chapter from Shinzui 5 [English]

Here’s another commission courtesy of DesuDesu.  Also from Shinzui 5, this is an unnamed chapter by one of my favorites, Nao Kokonoki.  Enjoy your slutty wife-who-likes-it-up-the-ass porn! (more…)

Behind Moon’s “Dulce Report 10” [English]

Well, here it is!  Dulce Report 10, fresh hi-res raws and an English translation courtesy of SaHa!  This is definitely not the end, so I’ll be looking forward to the next volume, and hopefully the wait isn’t as long as it was for this one.  The fetishes in this one trump all the previous volumes combined; portal-based self-fucking and hot futa wedding sex, omnomnom.  Enjoy! (more…)

Gambler Club’s “Nazuna-chan’s Small, Unexpected Flourish!!”

This afternoon I have another copybon from Gambler Club.  It’s pretty cute, so enjoy! (more…)

Nao Kokonoki’s “Second Virgin” [English Complete]

The last chapter of Second Virgin, Anekata 2.5, is now done, and as a bonus, I have Anekata 3, published in Megastore Comics after Second Virgin was released. Much thanks to SaHa for his work completing this! I’d also like to thank Tonigobe for translating Anekata 1 & 2 (chapters 1 & 2) as well as Stecaz for translating Nagase First Time (chapter 6). Note that those chapters use the magazine scans since I’m waaaay too lazy to re-edit.  Note that the full volume rar does not contain Anekata 3, since that was a separate publication.

Also, need moar Minamoto-sensei~ (more…)

Hooliganism’s “Lost My Career”

Happy Birthday to My Blog! Part IV of my Birthday Bash!

I purchased and scanned this doujin for Nameless Translator; it’s a great exhibitionism doujin featuring Sumeragi from Gundam 00. And yes, this does have some of the oddest censoring I’ve seen. Enjoy! (more…)