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Kiwame Volume 3

I scanned this because smekt was all whiney about needing new Rokuroh Isako.  :D  Anyway, enjoy a fresh magazine scan. (more…)

Angel Club 2009-06

It’s my birthday, so why am I giving YOU guys presents?  Anyway, enjoy your magazine filled with busty women!  (Plus futa, incest, shota, etc.)

Also, if anyone wishes to translate a chapter, let me know and I can get you the raw PNGs. (more…)

Po-ju’s “Perfect Banned Secret Journey 6″

My latest translation is another one by Po-ju.  I’ve been happy that his artwork and comic content has been improving lately, in my opinion at least.  Also, watch for some great pussy on pussy on dick action late in the comic.  :)  Keep in mind there’s some light shota in this one, too; although if you’re familiar with Po-ju, you should expect that.  Enjoy!


Tenma 2009-06

Here’s my latest magazine scan; the June issue of Tenma.  Lots of good artists in this issue, such as Yamatogawa, Tana, Tuna Empire, and Norutaru.  Enjoy! (more…)

Kairakuten 2009-06

Here’s my second magazine scan.  It went a lot better this time, so I think I’m getting the hang of it.

This issue has a great set of artists in it.  I was especially delighted to find excellent chapters by Koume Keito (tentacle toilet sex, oh my!), ReDrop, and Hachiya Makoto. (more…)

Kairakuten Beast 2009-05

I finally decided to try scanning a magazine.  I opted to start with one that has been somewhat hit-or-miss when it comes to getting scanned, that way, if I fucked it up, there was still a chance someone else would scan it.  Hopefully you all will approve of the job I did.  Enjoy! (more…)