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Maidoll’s “Anaru Is My Wife”

Clearly Maidoll is starting a copybon series, featuring the primary character of her core release as a wife.

I fully endorse this idea!  Wedding dresses and aprons ftw. Enjoy! (more…)

Insert’s “Dirty Lessons C80 Limited Edition Book”

Time for Insert’s copybon from C80! These are some of the more annoying books to scan actually, because of the subtle shading, the glow effect, as well as the lack of true black. Don’t even get me started on the textured cover… Enjoy!

I also want to thank those who have donated so far. I really appreciate it (as I’m sure everyone else does, since it means more scans)! (more…)

Kensoh Ogawa’s “The Quiet Sound of Petals Falling”

Here’s Kensoh Ogawa’s C80 copybon, featuring everyone’s favorite: hot springs sex! Enjoy! (more…)

Alice no Takarabako’s “Game Heroines Vol.3 Mystery Game Book”

Here’s a non-hentai copybon from Alice no Takarabako, featuring characters from various puzzle/mystery/detective type games. Enjoy! (more…)

Insert’s “2011.Spring Limited Edition Prostitute Manya’s Prostitute Shed 3 Rejected”

Here’s another copybon from Insert for you all, companion to the full color Insert doujin I released recently. Enjoy! (more…)

Insert’s “2010.Winter Limited Edition Maken-Ki ~Nijou Aki~ Ahen-Ki”

Here’s an Insert copybon from C79. It’s apparently a parody of a manga, although I’m not familiar with it. Enjoy! (more…)

Kensoh Ogawa’s “Samekh Driver”

Here’s a copybon from Kensoh Ogawa. Enjoy your megane anal sex! (more…)

Maidoll’s “Saeko Is My Wife”

Here’s another scan for the evening! This was the copybon that accompanied Maidoll’s Kiss of the Dead. Took me a while to get to it though.  :)  There’s no text in this one, just lovely, sexy lineart.

On another note, I do have the Behind Moon Kampfer doujin, so look forward to it. (more…)

Haruki Genia’s “The Master Plan to Conquer Mio’s Fears!”

I’ve had this sitting around for a while and kept forgetting to post it.  :)  It’s just a short but cute K-On copybon from Haruki Genia.  Enjoy! (more…)

Mogudan’s “Extra Book 2”

Merry Fucking Christmas, Mk.III!!
Part The Sixth

Here’s another Mogudan scan, this time a copybon.  Enjoy! (more…)

Kensoh Ogawa’s “Rinko and You at a Midsummer Love Hotel”

Here’s my scan of Kensoh Ogawa’s C78 copybon.  I believe the “you” in the title means the reader is supposed to insert themself into the story.  Enjoy! (more…)

Insert’s “Female Pervert Mai Shiranui”

Here’s the last Insert doujin to post tonight.  It’s another copybon from C78, featuring Mai from King of Fighters.  Enjoy! (more…)

Insert’s “C78 Omake Book”

Okay, I said there were longer titles by Insert at C78, and this is it.  It is the omake book for the game, and as such, its name is included, making the full title this:
“My Personal Big Breasted Masturbation Maid -Instant Perverted Blowjob Face Cosplay & Bukkake-Makeup Bride Chapter- C78 Omake Book”

WHEN WILL THE INSANITY END?!  :)  Anyway, enjoy this copybon. (more…)

Insert’s “My Personal Big Breasted Masturbation Maid -Reika Himeno Collected Studies-“

Here’s an Insert copybon from C77.  It seems to be introducing a new character, but I haven’t seen her in any of the main stories yet, to my knowledge.  I’m on an Insert posting kick today, so expect some more after this.  Enjoy! (more…)

Fatalpulse’s “Gareki 8”

As I promised, here’s Fatapulse’s copybon from C78.  Enjoy! (more…)

Mogudan’s “Didn’t Make It In Time For Publication Book – Cat Punch BatsuBatsu”

Here’s a rescan of one of Mogudan’s C77 releases.  I scanned it a while ago, but only got around to cleaning it recently.  Enjoy! (more…)

Bang-You’s “Asumani Extra Chapter”

Here’s a copybon scan by Bang-You featuring one of his favorite characters (or so I assume considering how often he draws her).  Enjoy! (more…)

Bang-You’s “Asumani”

Merry Fucking Christmas, Mk.II!!
Part The First

Here’s the first of my releases for Christmas 2009; in this case, the summer copybon from Bang-You.  Enjoy! (more…)

Insert’s “Dream Club -Rui-“

Here’s one of three doujinshi Insert released at C76.  I’ll be releasing the other two in the coming days (one was already scanned, but I’d already taken it apart when it was released).  This one happens to be a twelve page copybon.  Enjoy! (more…)

WingBird’s “Chara Emu WBC004”

Here’s the second of two WingBird copybon, this time featuring Dirty Pair.  Enjoy! (more…)