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Neriwasabi’s “CarNavi-chan and I Vol.2” – English Translated!

Presenting my second scan/commission combo! Translated again by 0405, this original non-hentai doujinshi is by Neriwasabi, or Jack ‘o Lantern as he is known by fans of his hentai doujinshi. It is cute, funny, and quite enjoyable. :) (more…)

Updates to Coverscan Gallery MkIII

More coverscans! There’s a lot here because a few orders clustered together and I hadn’t gotten around to updating in a while. ^^; (more…)

Manitou’s “Destino de Abril”

Sorry for the delay on this one; I got a little burned out, and life interfered as well. Releases will probably be rather slow for the foreseeable future, as well. Anyway, here’s a Gurren Lagann doujin by one of my favorite artists, Manitou. :) (more…)

Mogudan’s latest doujin translated!

I didn’t even know Mogudan’s latest doujin had been scanned, and here it is translated by cgrascal! Nice way to end the week, eh? :)

Guess this means I won’t have to scan it when my copy arrives.