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Alice no Takarabako’s “The Animalm@ster Vol.4-6”

Some rescans I promised a while ago.  I’d even said I was going to commission them once I got scans done, but someone else got tired of waiting I guess.  Anyway, I’m getting them re-edited, so I’ll release them when they’re done. (more…)

One Seven’s “Red Muffler Vo”

Another new C78 scan, this time from the awesome One Seven, who does doujins primarily based on 80s and 90s mecha anime.  This time, he presents a VOTOMS doujin, with the first half featuring Chirico Cuvie and the lovely Fyana.  I’ve been wanting a good doujin featuring Fyana for YEARS.  The second part features one of the side stories that I am not very familiar with.

Mmmm, Fyana.  :9 (more…)

Mon-Mon’s “Labyrinth of Shame” Chapter 07 [English]

One of my favorite artists, Simosi, updated his website with some more really awesome artwork.  The first one is called “Coral,” while the second one is the Witch class from Tactics Ogre.  Mmm, witchy goodness!

And now, time for some more delicious Mon-Mon pr0ns!  This time it is a public sex/exhibitionism chapter entitled “The Price of Adultery.”  Enjoy! (more…)

Fatalpulse’s “Gareki 8”

As I promised, here’s Fatapulse’s copybon from C78.  Enjoy! (more…)

Fatalpulse’s “Victim Girls 9 – UnderCover Working”

I got some of my C78 doujins in, and here’s the first of them.  This is Fatalpulse’s latest Victim Girls doujin, based on Working!!! (which I dunno if it is a game, manga, anime, or what).  I love his art, but I wish he’d do some more “happy sex” doujins and fewer abusive/degrading ones.  Also, there was a lot of printing schmutz on this doujin, which made it rather annoying to clean.  I’ll have the copybon ready to go tomorrow. Anyway, enjoy! (more…)

STICKY: Archive Downloads

My Megaupload account appears to have been hit by a link deleter, so virtually all of my MU links no longer work.  In the coming days, I’ll probably reupload some of the recent ones, but I also decided to start maintaining a Hotfile folder, so it is easier to access all the older downloads.  It should also be easier to maintain.  Currently, all I’ve put in the folder are the files I currently had on Hotfile, but I’ll get the rest up there over the next week or so.

Hotfile Archive Folder
Megaupload Archive Folder

I may add some subfolders to better sort it at some point.  Please feel free to suggest your personal preference for how the files are sorted.  Also once I have everything uploaded, let me know if anything is missing.

EDIT (09/23): The vast majority of files are up now, and I’ve added a Megaupload folder.  There’s still some straggler files I’ve misplaced, but I’ll get them uploaded as soon as I can.

Koshow Showshow’s “Enticed By a Naughty Lady” Chapter 01 [English]

This is the start of a new commission of mine, with translation by SaHa.  Koshow Showshow is one of my favorite mangakas, although it is extremely difficult to get a hold of his work, sadly.  Most of his doujins, released under the circle Cobanzame, are in dire need of rescanning.  This new tankoubon focuses on horny adult women with large breasts, such as OLs.  This chapter, titled “Current Tokyo Job Search Situation,” features a newly-graduated woman, named Miki, staying with her friend’s brother while she looks for a job, and decides to offer her “services” as rent.  I’d certainly rent a room to her…  Enjoy! (more…)

Mon-Mon’s “Labyrinth of Shame” Chapter 06 [English]

Here’s another chapter of delicious Mon Mon kinky sluts, translated by desudesu.  This chapter features a woman who wants to go out with her boyfriend rather than staying in, which leads to exhibitionism, of course!  Enjoy! (more…)

Skirt-tuki’s “KY”

One thing I like about Skirt-tuki is that he’s one of the few artists who does work based on 80s anime.  I much prefer his Gundam stuff, but the Dirty Pair doujins are great too.  Enjoy! (more…)

Insert’s “My Personal Big Breasted Masturbation Maid -Loaning Chapter-” [English]

Here’s another re-edit of one of my scans someone commissioned from SaHa.  Once again, thanks to Rarzor for doing the editing.  Enjoy!


Mogudan’s “Didn’t Make It In Time For Publication Book – Cat Punch BatsuBatsu”

Here’s a rescan of one of Mogudan’s C77 releases.  I scanned it a while ago, but only got around to cleaning it recently.  Enjoy! (more…)

Shinnihon Pepsitou’s “Sakura Shoku” [English]

Here’s a new translation by Nameless Translator, with editing by Conan.  Enjoy! (more…)

Veto’s “Black Paradise Preparation Edition”

This doujin by Veto is basically an early release of a later doujin (which I do not have… yet); it’s based on Himekishi Lilia.  It’s kind of rough work, but still nice.  Enjoy! (more…)

Mon-Mon’s “Labyrinth of Shame” Chapters 04-05 [English]

Two new chapters of delicious Mon-Mon sex for you all, translated by desudesu.  The first chapter features a seemingly standard NTR story but with a twist, while the second features a horny, pervy teacher.  My favorite kind!  Enjoy! (more…)

Q’s “Futanari Erection Girl” Chapter 06/Complete [English]

And now for the last chapter, “Lively Poolside,” and the complete book, for Q’s “Futanari Erection Girl!”  This chapter is my favorite; the character design for Miki in particular is gorgeous.  I’d be quite happy if she made an appearance in Dulce Report.  :9  Thanks, of course, go to SaHa for the translation.  Enjoy!

Incidentally, Dulce Report 12 came out this past weekend at C78.  As soon as I get it, I’ll be scanning it and commissioning a translation, so look forward to it. (more…)

Insert’s “Everyone’s Big Breasted Masturbation Maid” [English]

A while ago, two Insert doujins were commissioned from SaHa; one was not my scan and lower res, and the other WAS my scan, but it was a shitty e-hentai resized version.  Here is the first of the two, re-edited by rarzor, using my hi-res scans.

In other news, you may have noticed C78 was this past weekend.  I’ve ordered Insert’s releases, so look forward to scans of them in the coming weeks.  I also just finished cleaning the last of a new batch of scans, so I’ll probably be kicking them off tonight or tomorrow.  Some are new, some are rescans, and some are AWESOME. (more…)

UniniGumi’s “Cho Chooooo Skinship” [English]

Here’s a new translation by Nameless Translator and commissioned and edited by Conan.  I’d have posted this soon after him, but I lost power again.  God I hate our power company.  Anyway, enjoy! (more…)

Q’s “Futanari Erection Girl” Chapter 05 [English]

Here’s another chapter of delicious Q girlcocks.  This chapter, titled “Roommate,” features two girls who are roommates in a boarding school.  One is rather domineering and decides to play the role of teacher in order to help the other learn how to relax in a rather special way.  Enjoy! (more…)

Bang-You’s “Asumani Extra Chapter”

Here’s a copybon scan by Bang-You featuring one of his favorite characters (or so I assume considering how often he draws her).  Enjoy! (more…)

Mon-Mon’s “Labyrinth of Shame” Chapter 03 [English]

Time for another chapter of delicious Mon-Mon pr0n!  Translation by desudesu, as usual, this chapter is entitled “Ache.”  It features a woman who likes a little spice in her sex life, but her boyfriend doesn’t like it very much; she then runs off into the night and ends up discovering just how much of a pervert she really is.  Enjoy! (more…)