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Minazuki’s “Bitch, Witch, One Touch” [English]

Mmm, delicious Bayonetta x futa Jeanne, translated by the always lazy Nameless Translator and edited by Conan.  I’m sure smekt will love this one.  He does so love futa afterall.  Enjoy! (more…)

Kunihiko Tanaka’s “Ryu-Kotsu Benikohaku”

Here’s a real treat.  This is a hardbound doujin by Kunihiko Tanaka, one of my favorite artists.  He is known for his character designs for Xenogears, Fam & Ihrie, and Xenosaga.  This doujin primarily contains artwork he did for Hobby Japan’s “Girls the Gathering,” which I believe had to do with CCGs.  This is non-h, but the artwork is absolutely beautiful, and it is incredibly rare to see doujins by Tanaka in hardcopy, let alone scanned.  Enjoy! (more…)

Type.90’s “Empire.Color”

One of two recent full-color doujins by Type.90, this features Yuki from Haruhi.  It contains flatchest, just for smekt.  Enjoy! (more…)

One Seven’s “Red Muffler M”

In celebration of the return of the Erotic Rapture Forums, have some DELICIOUS ROBOTECHS PR0NS!! (more…)