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Bang-You’s “How to Train Yoruneko – Collar Chapter”

I’ve had this sitting around for a while, but I completely forgot to post it.  I’d scanned it, but not cleaned it when the other scan came out.  Anyway, enjoy! (more…)

Subsonic Factor’s “Ramblin’ Butterfly [day]”

Here’s the companion piece to my earlier “Ramblin’ Butterfly [night]” scan.  Enjoy! (more…)

Muchi Muchi 7’s “Muchi Muchi Dream Vol.1”

Insert random emo rant about no one paypaling me for my scans, now I’ll send them to some exclusive pay site! (more…)

Garyuh Chitai (Tana)’s “Aki-Akane -Sequel II-“

Another scan today, this time the latest from Tana, another in the Aki-Akane series.  For once it contains no scat!  Enjoy! (more…)

Garyuh Chitai’s “Aki-Akane -Sequel 1-“

Here’s a new scan, this time a great futa doujin by Garyuh Chitai (Tana).  It’s another in the Aki-Akane storyline.  Contains Male on Futa on Futa and extreme bukkake, yum!

Also, I love this cover.  :D (more…)

Subsonic Factor’s “Ramblin’ Butterfly [Night]”

Ria Tajima of Subsonic Factor is one of those rare artists who can combine incredibly sexy and incredibly cute into one seamless package, which is one of the major reasons I like this circle. I really wanted to scan some futa by this circle, but unfortunately, it has all been scanned already. :\ Enjoy! (more…)

The Story so Far

Well, I’ve decided to start up a blog in order to make my Doujinshi scans easier to get, as well as to more easily keep track of what I’ve scanned. This first post will document my original batch of releases, from back in October. (more…)