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Johji Mujoh’s “Solo Mugi”

And now I present Johji Mujoh’s latest work from C80. Gorgeous full color artwork FTW!  Mmmm, delicious Mugi cosplay bukkake. :9 Enjoy! (more…)

Genetrix’s “47 Braves & Blades”

Here’s an absolutely massive doujin from Genetrix, featuring a whole bunch of characters. Not sure if they are original or not, though. Anyway, the first third or so includes character and setting descriptions, with the rest made up still images and short story segments, mostly hentai, of course. Latter part of the doujin consists of images from various artists (and includes their Pixiv IDs!). Enjoy! (more…)

Hisahiko’s “Purin Dou Diary 2”

Here’s a new doujin from Hisako, featuring a ton of full color art, including delicious elves! They’re enslaved elves, though. There’s also a bunch of art from other stuff, too, including PreCure, Working!!!, and Dance in the Vampire Bund. The artwork is really gorgeous. Enjoy! (more…)

Chiba Toshirou’s “Candy House” Ch.05-06 [English]

Today is my blog’s birthday! Where are my presents? :D

There really is not a single bad chapter in this book. The first of these two (“Spartan Tutor”) features a really sexy busty, megane teacher (you knew there had to be one, right?) with a braid. I love long hair in a single braid. :9 Oh, and knee-high boots. The second of the two chapters (“Service Cyclone”) has the student council president move in as a maid, and she reveals a big secret.

Chiba Toshirou really does have a talent for drawing awesomely sexy women, eh?

I got another batch of doujins in today, including C79 stuff. Some of the other stuff I got was quite a few old Koshow Showshow tankoubons and doujins. Look for translations of them over the next year or so.

Lastly, it looks like Chiba Toshirou’s next doujin is Ranma 1/2. And here’s some art by another one of my favorite artists. (more…)

Maidoll’s “Twin Monogatari”

HAPPY BUNNY YEAR! Now have some porn!
Part the Seventh

Here’s something from a fairly new artist.  Her artwork is really nice and well done, and feature terrific breasts.  I especially like the maid outfit in this doujin.  :D  Enjoy! (more…)

Motchie’s “Ultra 80’s”

HAPPY BUNNY YEAR! Now have some porn!
Part the Fourth

Motchie plus 80s anime chicks?  I’m so there.  Mmmm, delicious Chara Soon.  I was really hoping this would be a series of actual stories, though, rather than short montages.  :(  Oh well, it’s still awesome, and he is interested in the characters, so maybe we’ll see something at an upcoming event.  This doujin contains delicious Dirty Pair, Patlabor, Gundam, and L-Gaim girls, amongst others.  So delicious.  Also, I think this has more fetishes for it’s page count than any other doujin I’ve seen.  Enjoy! (more…)

Insert’s “Everyone’s Big Breasted Masturbation Maid” [English]

A while ago, two Insert doujins were commissioned from SaHa; one was not my scan and lower res, and the other WAS my scan, but it was a shitty e-hentai resized version.  Here is the first of the two, re-edited by rarzor, using my hi-res scans.

In other news, you may have noticed C78 was this past weekend.  I’ve ordered Insert’s releases, so look forward to scans of them in the coming weeks.  I also just finished cleaning the last of a new batch of scans, so I’ll probably be kicking them off tonight or tomorrow.  Some are new, some are rescans, and some are AWESOME. (more…)

Q’s “Futanari Erection Girl” Chapter 02 [English]

Here’s the second chapter of “Futanari Erection Girl,” translation courtesy of SaHa.  This chapter is titled “2-step Ecstasy.” Enjoy! (more…)

Q’s “Futanari Erection Girl” Chapter 01 [English]

Here’s the start of my latest commission from SaHa, Q’s (Behind Moon) first tankoubon, “Futanari Erection Girl.”  This chapter is entitled “Erection Girls.”  Also, down at the bottom of the post are chapters 7 through 10, which I previously had commissioned as magazine chapters, re-edited using the tankoubon scans.  Enjoy! (more…)

Bang-You’s “Asumani”

Merry Fucking Christmas, Mk.II!!
Part The First

Here’s the first of my releases for Christmas 2009; in this case, the summer copybon from Bang-You.  Enjoy! (more…)

Insert’s “Everyone’s Big Breasted Masturbation Maid”

Here’s the second of Insert’s three C76 doujins, and it is another in the “Big Breasted Maid” series.  This was just released, but I’d already taken it apart and begun scanning it.  The last of the three is next, although it, too, has been scanned.  Enjoy! (more…)

Behind Moon’s “Academy Maid” (English)

My latest commission from SaHa is yet another old magazine extract by Q (Behind Moon).  This one involves a transfer student at a new school who is forced to train as a maid with the student council chairman.  And by train, I do mean sexual training. (more…)

Kairakuten 2009-06

Here’s my second magazine scan.  It went a lot better this time, so I think I’m getting the hang of it.

This issue has a great set of artists in it.  I was especially delighted to find excellent chapters by Koume Keito (tentacle toilet sex, oh my!), ReDrop, and Hachiya Makoto. (more…)

Kairakuten Beast 2009-05

I finally decided to try scanning a magazine.  I opted to start with one that has been somewhat hit-or-miss when it comes to getting scanned, that way, if I fucked it up, there was still a chance someone else would scan it.  Hopefully you all will approve of the job I did.  Enjoy! (more…)

Kurimokke’s “Goethic Love”

Happy Birthday to My Blog! Part VIII of my Birthday Bash!

This time I have a short full collor ecchi doujin by Kurimokke. There’s a couple pages of nudity, but otherwise it is mostly just pretty art. Enjoy! (more…)

Insert’s “My Personal Big Breasted Masturbation Maid -X2-” [English]

My fourth commission from SaHa is ready! This time it is my most recent Insert doujinshi scan, the X2 chapter of his “My Personal Big Breasted Masturbation Maid” series. In this chapter we see the first confrontation between Yui and Yuna after Yuna decided to serve Yuu in the last chapter. Keep an eye out for the self referential scene! Enjoy! (more…)

Insert’s “My Personal Big Breasted Masturbation Maid -Flirtation Chapter-” [English]

Here’s my second commission, courtesy of SaHa. This is my scan of the Flirtation Chapter of Insert’s “My Personal Big Breasted Masturbation Maid.” I’ve commissioned SaHa to translate the X2 chapter as well, so expect that sometime in the future. Hope you enjoy it! (more…)

Insert’s “My Personal Big Breasted Masturbation Maid -X2-“

Merry Fucking Christmas!!
Part The Sixth

It’s not over yet! My second of two Insert doujins for the holiday is the X2 chapter of My Personal Big Breasted Masturbation Maid. Featured are two hot, busty women in various costumes, including one that is self-referential to another Insert doujin. Self-Referential works ftw. (more…)

Insert’s “My Personal Big Breasted Masturbation Maid -Flirtation Chapter-“

Merry Fucking Christmas!!
Part The Fifth

No more Manitou scans left, but now I have some stuff from Insert! Two stories in his “My Personal Big Breasted Masturbation Maid” series, starting with Flirtation Chapter. Enjoy! (more…)

[Tokorodokoro Archive] Neriwasabi

With 0405 of Tokorodokoro At Night closing down his site and moving onto other things, I was afraid his doujinshi translations would be lost to the aether, so I offered to host them as a permanent repository.

Below the cut is one translated doujinshi by Neriwasabi/Jack o’ Lantern entitled Itawata. (more…)