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Johji Mujoh’s “Solo Mugi”

And now I present Johji Mujoh’s latest work from C80. Gorgeous full color artwork FTW!  Mmmm, delicious Mugi cosplay bukkake. :9 Enjoy! (more…)

Mizuyokan Brand’s “Twin Slave”

I really love Mizuyokan’s style and artwork. Just fantastic stuff, and the girls’ expressions are classic. Enjoy! (more…)

Insert’s “My Personal Big Breasted Masturbation Maid – Public Oral Cumdump Chapter 2-R”

Yeah, got trumped on this one by a Japanese scanner. Oh well, this is higher res. Enjoy your full color Insert bukkake sessions!  Actually, I kinda wish he would move the story on a bit… (more…)

Hisahiko’s “Purin Dou Diary 2”

Here’s a new doujin from Hisako, featuring a ton of full color art, including delicious elves! They’re enslaved elves, though. There’s also a bunch of art from other stuff, too, including PreCure, Working!!!, and Dance in the Vampire Bund. The artwork is really gorgeous. Enjoy! (more…)

Gegera Standard’s “Happy Life”

Here’s a gorgeous full color doujin by Gegera Standard, featuring Ranka and Sheryl from Macross Frontier. This is one of the best Macross Frontier doujins I’ve seen recently. Enjoy! (more…)

Uran-Factory’s “Go! Go! Ranking”

Here’s another scan for the evening, this time featuring the samurai-mascot girls from the variety show Onegai Ranking, drawn really sexily by Uran. Enjoy! (more…)

Alice no Takarabako’s “4C High MC High Color Edition” [English]

Xavier over at LWB was nice enough to send me a copy of the 4C High to host here on my blog, so here it is. It’s hi-res, and slightly different than the one hosted at LWB, but not content-wise, so if you already got it from them, you’re not missing anything. Anyway, head over to their site to say thanks! In other news, I’m working on a pretty substantial stack of doujins, including C79 stuff, so keep an eye out for it (although it may take a week or so before I can get them posted). Enjoy! (more…)

Alice no Takarabako’s “4C High MC High Color Edition”

I’m really turning into an Alice no Takarabako scanning machine lately.  I’ve got five more of his doujins waiting to be scanned, too.  Anyway, this is a full color chapter in the MC High series that LWB has been translating.  It seems like a sidestory, but I’m not sure.  Also, I think the main character looks cuter and sexier in her uniform with blue eyes.  :o  Anyway, enjoy! (more…)

Jouji Mujoh’s “Super Weak!”

Here’s another C79 scan; this time a yummy full color Mujoh!  I love Mujoh’s art.  He draws wonderful soft women.  :9  Enjoy! (more…)

UniniGumi’s “UDF”

Merry Fucking Christmas, Mk.III!!
Part The Second

This is a slightly odd release because I accidentally posted it in the archives a little while ago without realizing I had not formally posted it, so for everyone other than the 60 people who already got it, here it is! Enjoy some yummy full color Dragon Quest porn! (more…)

Toshiki Yui’s “Mai no Heya” Volume 1 Complete [English]

Here’s a compilation of volume one of Mai no Heya (chapters 1-13).  Includes the front and back matter, covers, etc.  Thanks to Conan for compiling this.  Enjoy! (more…)

Toshiki Yui’s “Mai no Heya” Chapter 13 [English]

Kame to the rescue!  In a very sexy outfit, too, I might add.  :9  Translation by Nameless Translator and editing by Conan, as usual.  Enjoy! (more…)

Toshiki Yui’s “Mai no Heya” Chapter 12 [English]

Here’s a tasty little after-thanksgiving treat!  Another chapter of Toshiki Yui’s ecchi manga “Mai no Heya,” and this time its a shaving party!  Translation courtesy of 0405 (who is busy with “studying,” whatever that is!) and editing by Conan from 4dawgz.  Enjoy! (more…)

Uninigumi’s “Kirino, You’re So Cute, Kirino!”

Sorry for the long absence.  I’ve been really busy and haven’t had a lot of time to work on scanning stuff.  Anyway, here’s a new scan of UniniGumi’s C78 doujin.  Enjoy!

Also, I got the new Behind Moon doujin, and I’ll be scanning and commissioning it soon. (more…)

Insert’s “MPBBMM -Instant Perverted Blowjob Face Cosplay & Bukkake-Makeup Bride Chapter-“

These Insert titles are just getting ridiculously long and kludgey.  I think he’s just slapping adjectives on for no reason now.  ^^;;  Anyway, this one is a bit different from my normal releases.  This is, in fact, Insert’s h-game from C78.  It’s more like an intereactive doujin, though, since there are no branching options, you just click anywhere or hit a key to advance it.  Anyway, below the cut you’ll find a JPEG cg-rip, a PNG cg-rip (the original images were BMPs), and the game ISO itself (although I removed the Omake.  It’s all the same art as in the cg-rip anyway.  If you want it, buy the doujin game!).  Enjoy! (more…)

Insert’s “My Personal Big Breasted Masturbation Maid -Woman as a Sex Object Chapter-“

Insert’s titles are getting Crazylong.  Anyway, here’s his main doujin from C78; full color for your fapping pleasure!  This doujin solely features Yuna of the main characters in the MPBBMM series; also note there is one page that features scat from an enema.  Enjoy! (more…)

UniniGumi’s “Pakoman. 0.5”

This doujin came out shortly before C78.  I also have UniniGumi’s C78 doujin to scan, but I like this one more.  Enjoy! (more…)

Mon-Mon’s “Labyrinth of Shame” Chapters 10-11 [English]

Here are two more chapters of Labyrinth of Shame, translated by desudesu, of course.  The first of the two chapters is “Cosplay Diary,” and the second is “Mansion of Heat.”  They’re both rather short, but enjoy! (more…)

UniniGumi’s “Cho Chooooo Skinship” [English]

Here’s a new translation by Nameless Translator and commissioned and edited by Conan.  I’d have posted this soon after him, but I lost power again.  God I hate our power company.  Anyway, enjoy! (more…)

Jouji Mujoh’s “NKH II”

Here’s a scan I’ve had floating around that I kept forgetting to post.  It’s by Jouji Mujoh, who does really nice full color artwork.

In other news, bubbadg’s blog was deleted by Google last weekend, and even though he got them to undelete it, he decided it was time to pack up and move, so I built him his very own cozy little apartment next door at  So get over there and harass him about moar Black Dog or something.  :)

Enjoy! (more…)