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Updates to Coverscan Gallery

I recently got a package of new doujinshi, and added the covers to my gallery. I’ll point out the specific additions below the cut, or you can access the full gallery on the left. (more…)

Ding Ding 1 Update

I forgot to include page eight in my original release of Tonbo Kusanagi’s Ding Ding 1, so I deleted the old files and reuploaded corrected versions:


I apologize for the extra hassle.

Nozui Magic and No-No’s “Espresso”

Here’s a short, full color doujin by one of my favorite circles! (more…)

Mon Mon’s “Exhibitionism Training EX – Married Horny Bitch Exhibition Slave”

There’s a cludgy title if ever there was one. It’s Mon Mon, so expect bondage! More below the cut. (more…)

Tonbo Kusanagi’s “Ding Ding 2 Complete”

This follows on yesterday’s posting. More below the cut. (more…)

Tonbo Kusanagi’s “Ding Ding 1 Complete”

EDIT: It has been brought to my attention that I missed page 8, so I am reuploading the files.

Tonight I have something that I’ve seen requested fairly often, and for good reason! (more…)

Cobanzame (Koshow Showshow)’s “Out of Order (Koshouchuu) 10”

Final release for now. Can we all say, “Mmmm, futanari!”? :) (more…)

Muchi Muchi 7’s “Muchi Muchi Bomber Vol.3”

Doujinshi #3 for this weekend! Yeah, I know it is Monday, but still! :) More below the cut. (more…)

Muchi Muchi 7’s “Muchi Muchi Bomber Vol.2”

Now for Release #2 of 4! More below the cut. (more…)

Muchi Muchi 7’s “Muchi Muchi Bomber Vol.1”

I didn’t have a chance to get anything released last weekend, so to make it up to everyone, I’ve got multiple releases this time! Let’s get to the first one, shall we? (more…)

No Update this Weekend

Sorry, everyone, I was pretty sick this weekend, so I didn’t feel up to scanning another doujin.  I’ll try to get something done mid-week or so.

Minashika’s “Lovers ~The Unknowable Reality~”

Third of three releases for this week, this is a lineart doujinshi by Minashika. Links and comments below the cut. (more…)

Mon-Mon’s “Mon Works III”

Release two of three for this week, I have Mon Works III by one of the better artists doing manga and doujinshi these days. Links and comments below the cut. (more…)

Much Muchi Angel Vol.14 Translated!

Just wanted to alert everyone that cgrascal over at One of a Kind Productions has translated Muchi Muchi 7’s Muchi Muchi Angel Vol.14, which I scanned a few months ago.  Anyway, what are you waiting for?!  Go get it!


Wingbird’s “Fight One Shot!!”

Tonight, I have for you all a short, full-color doujinshi by the artist Wingbird. Links and comments below the cut. (more…)

Doujin Cover Gallery

I regularly scan the covers of my doujinshi so that I can attempt to avoid purchasing duplicates (although you might be surprised at how often I still fail at that).  I migrated it from my previous private location, and you can access the gallery here.

Feel free to request scans; however, please remember that I scan when I can and what I want, so there is no guarantee I’ll get to it anytime soon.  On the other hand, the more people who request something, the more likely I am to move it up in my queue.  Just remember, be polite.  :)