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URC’s “i.D.M. Side B”

Another full color doujinshi, URC’s “Idol de M@sturbation Side B” was released during C73. Links and comments below the cut. (more…)

Kunihiko Tanaka’s “2000 Calendar”

Just a quickie this evening. This is a doujin calendar for the year 2000 by the artist Kunihiko Tanaka (Xenogears, Key the Metal Idol). I had misplaced this a while ago and just found it again while doing some cleaning, so I decided to scan it since he is one of my favorite artists and the artwork is incredibly cute. I left this post uncut because the images are non-h. Enjoy!


Links behind the cut. (more…)

Final Round of Previous Releases

My most recent releases were from this past February, and consisted of a pair from Angel Ravishment, a Manitou copybon, and the most recent Behind Moon doujinshi. (more…)

2007 Christmas Celebration!

Just in time for Christmas, I scanned a large batch of doujinshi, including the highly sought-after Double Princesses by Yuki Yanagi. On to the doujinshi! (more…)

November 2007 Releases

The doujinshi I scanned in November consisted of two full color books by Muchi Muchi 7 and URC, as well as a copybon by Mekongdelta. (more…)

The Story so Far

Well, I’ve decided to start up a blog in order to make my Doujinshi scans easier to get, as well as to more easily keep track of what I’ve scanned. This first post will document my original batch of releases, from back in October. (more…)