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Narimasuya’s “Mother -Re Edition- Sequel”

Here’s the final of three doujinshi by Narimasuya featuring Hatsuho Kazami from Onegai Teacher. If you enjoyed the las two, you’ll definitely enjoy this one. (more…)

Hisagi Higashimadou’s “Huge-Rack Milly X Futanari Kallen” – English Translated!

I decided to try something a little different with this new scan, and commissioned a translation by the great (although I doubt he’d admit that!) 0405. So not only will you get my usual high quality raw scans, but an awesome high quality English version as well! (more…)

Narimasuya’s “Mother -Re Edition-“

Basically, this is the previous doujin, but “bigger, longer, and uncut.” More Hatsuho and more Mizuho; mmmmm, yum! (more…)

Narimasuya’s “Mother”

While there are a large number of Onegai Teacher doujinshi out there, not many showcase Mizuho’s mother. This clearly needs to be remedied. (more…)

Windfall’s “Rally:Works 03 (Ore-Gun Series)”

Taking a break from regular porn this evening to offer you all some mecha porn! Mmmm, giant robots… (more…)

Tuna Empire’s “Derenuki”

I wasn’t aware that Tuna Empire published doujinshi until I saw this one, so of course I had to buy it. :) More below the cut. (more…)

Updates to Coverscan Gallery MkII

Say Mark-II!

I received another package of doujinshi yesterday. Mmmm, porn! (more…)

P-Collection’s “Tarantula”

A Code Geass doujinshi by the awesome circle P-Collection, this work consists of three shorts by Piggstar, Kazuki Kotobuki, and Nori-haru. One of my favorite translators, 0405, mentioned he might translate this one if he likes the content, so I bumped it up in the queue. Hopefully he’ll take it on when he finishes his current projects. More below the cut. (more…)

Insert’s “++Ever Free++”

Another older doujin from the excellent Insert, this is definitely one of my favorite of those I’ve seen. As usual for his works, this doujin contains big breasts and bukkake, plus kemono cosplay. More below the cut… (more…)

Insert’s “Let’s All Do Something Good Together – Nurse’s Room Chapter”

Another doujin for the big-breast/bukkake fans out there; this is another one of Insert’s X-change doujinshi. With this release, I’m trying an experiment with direct downloads rather than filesharing services; we’ll see how well it works out. Please comment on which method you prefer. More below the cut… (more…)

Two chapters of Nao Kokonoki’s “Virgin” manga translated

Just wanted to point out to everyone that desudesu recently released translations of two chapters of the manga “Virgin,” by one of my favorite artist’s, Nao Kokonoki.  Here’s to hoping he, or others, continue to translate more works by Nao Kokonoki!

 Desudesu’s Weblog

Nekomataya’s “Healing Type Idol – Secret Rendezvous”

A lot of you will probably be drooling while waiting for this one to download. :) It’s great, and a brand new release, out just last month! (more…)

Oppai Paradise’s “Fallen Angel Sanctuary ~Graham Realized the Serious Thing~”

How about a spring fresh doujinshi? Can’t get too much newer than this! (more…)