Doujinshi Cover Gallery

I regularly scan the covers of my doujinshi so that I can attempt to avoid purchasing duplicates (although you might be surprised at how often I still fail at that). I migrated it from my previous private location, and am allowing visitors to peruse the gallery here:

Feel free to request scans; however, please remember that I only scan when I have free time and only what I want, so there is no guarantee I’ll get to it anytime soon, if ever. However, if a large number of people request something, I’m much more likely to move it up in my queue, so I don’t want to seem like I’m trying to discourage requests. Just remember, be polite. :)

In addition, you may notice some doujinshi in the gallery have title information in the description whle others only have filesnames. It’s a laborious process to rename all the entries, so I haven’t gotten around to doing it for most of them. In addition, I can’t read Japanese, so any Japanese titles wait until I can browbeat friends into doing it for me. If you happen to have the circle/artist and title for a doujin, you can save me some time by entering it in the comments section.

Lastly, feel free to use the images for your own, similar gallery or a doujin database. Please just credit me back with a link to the blog if it is publicly available, however. Thanks, and enjoy browsing!

Please note: Due to a large volume of spam comments, the commenting system on the gallery has been disabled for the time being.  If you with to request a scan or comment on anything int he gallery, your best bet is to email me or comment in one of my cover gallery posts.  Include a link to the cover image, too, please. (edit Sept. 30, 2008)