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U.R.C.’s “Peach Hunt Afterwards”

Here’s another scan for the evening, this time from URC.  Enjoy! (more…)

URC’s “Eas-Sama Nakewameeke”

This is URC’s release from C76, involving Eas from PreCure getting tentacle raped, as usual.  Enjoy! (more…)

URC’s “i.D.M. Side B”

Another full color doujinshi, URC’s “Idol de M@sturbation Side B” was released during C73. Links and comments below the cut. (more…)

November 2007 Releases

The doujinshi I scanned in November consisted of two full color books by Muchi Muchi 7 and URC, as well as a copybon by Mekongdelta. (more…)