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Mon-Mon’s “Labyrinth of Shame” Chapter 17-18 [English]

HAPPY BUNNY YEAR! Now have some porn!
Part the Second

And now for the final two chapters of “Labyrinth of Shame,” translated of course by desudesu.  The first chapter, “The Girl Who Suddenly Visited One Night” is about a rather ditzy girl in an awesome outfit who comes knocking one evening.  This is another one of my favorite chapters.  The second chapter, “Rosebud,” is about a woman who goes to visit a hypnotherapist to overcome the feelings of disgust she feels when having sex with her husband.  This being Mon-Mon, I’m sure you can all guess where it leads…  Enjoy! (more…)

Mon-Mon’s “Labyrinth of Shame” Chapter 16 [English]

Here’s another chapter of Mon-Mon’s Labyrinth of shame, translated by desudesu as usual.  This chapter, “I’m Buying Tsukumogamis,” centers around a young bookseller who cleanses books of mischievous spirits; an accident caused by a customer releases a bunch of them from a box of porn.  I think you know where this is going…

In unrelated news, there is a release date of February 23rd for the Xenogears Orchestral Album.  I hate waiting.  :(


Mon-Mon’s “Labyrinth of Shame” Chapters 14-15 [English]

Merry Fucking Christmas, Mk.III!!
Part The Ninth

Here are two more chapters of Labyrinth of Shame translated by desudesu; the titles for these chapters are “The Secret Garden” and “Etude of the Flesh.” The first story is about a guy who tricks his cousin into having sex with him by saying it is a therapy to help her “abnormal” pussy.  This is one of the better chapters in the book, probably my second favorite.  Kana is deliciously hot.  :9  The second chapter is about a woman who joins a very unusual singing group.  I wouldn’t mind having one of them sing for me…  Enjoy! (more…)

Mon-Mon’s “Labyrinth of Shame” Chapter 13 [English]

Let’s all give thanks for a bountiful helping of porn on this fine day!  Here’s another chapter of Mon-Mon’s “Labyrinth of Shame,” titled “Bait;” translation by desudesu as usual of course.  Enjoy your teacher degradation! (more…)

Mon-Mon’s “Labyrinth of Shame” Chapter 12 [English]

Here’s another chapter of “Labyrinth of Shame,” with translation thanks to desudesu as usual.  This chapter is called “My Boss Likes Cosplaying,” and is by far my favorite chapter.  Sexy cosplay outfit, big breasts, glasses, and a hat with horns.  All it needs is for Kasumi to sprout wings…  :9  Anyway, enjoy! (more…)

Mon-Mon’s “Labyrinth of Shame” Chapters 10-11 [English]

Here are two more chapters of Labyrinth of Shame, translated by desudesu, of course.  The first of the two chapters is “Cosplay Diary,” and the second is “Mansion of Heat.”  They’re both rather short, but enjoy! (more…)

Mon-Mon’s “Labyrinth of Shame” Chapters 08-09 [English]

Here are two more chapters of Labyrinth of Shame, translated by desudesu.  The first chapter, titled “Bitch Lady” involves a woman who takes her unruly dog to a trainer and ends up getting trained herself.  No dogsex, though, which kinda takes some of the fun out of it.  The second chapter is “Together with Onii-chan,” which is a fairly typical incest story (and very tame for Mon-Mon), but ends on a note I WISH would be continued.  Enjoy! (more…)

Mon-Mon’s “Labyrinth of Shame” Chapter 07 [English]

One of my favorite artists, Simosi, updated his website with some more really awesome artwork.  The first one is called “Coral,” while the second one is the Witch class from Tactics Ogre.  Mmm, witchy goodness!

And now, time for some more delicious Mon-Mon pr0ns!  This time it is a public sex/exhibitionism chapter entitled “The Price of Adultery.”  Enjoy! (more…)

Mon-Mon’s “Labyrinth of Shame” Chapter 06 [English]

Here’s another chapter of delicious Mon Mon kinky sluts, translated by desudesu.  This chapter features a woman who wants to go out with her boyfriend rather than staying in, which leads to exhibitionism, of course!  Enjoy! (more…)

Mon-Mon’s “Labyrinth of Shame” Chapters 04-05 [English]

Two new chapters of delicious Mon-Mon sex for you all, translated by desudesu.  The first chapter features a seemingly standard NTR story but with a twist, while the second features a horny, pervy teacher.  My favorite kind!  Enjoy! (more…)

Mon-Mon’s “Labyrinth of Shame” Chapter 03 [English]

Time for another chapter of delicious Mon-Mon pr0n!  Translation by desudesu, as usual, this chapter is entitled “Ache.”  It features a woman who likes a little spice in her sex life, but her boyfriend doesn’t like it very much; she then runs off into the night and ends up discovering just how much of a pervert she really is.  Enjoy! (more…)

Mon-Mon’s “Labyrinth of Shame” Chapter 02 [English]

I’d planned to release this earlier this week, but wouldn’t you know it, we had a multi-day power outage.  Anyway, here’s the second chapter of Mon-Mon’s “Labyrinth of Shame, entitled “Labyrinth of Lusts.”  It has kind of a mind-twisting ending.  Translation courtesy of desudesu, of course.  Enjoy! (more…)

Mon-Mon’s “Labyrinth of Shame” Chapter 01 [English]

Here’s my latest on-going commission, courtesy of desudesu.  This is Mon-Mon’s most recent tankoubon, so you can expect large breasts, light bondage and domination, etc.  Many of the chapters tend to be fairly short (eight to twelve pages or so), but the artwork is great.  This first chapter is full color, and titled “Rape Classroom,” so that pretty much speaks for itself.

Mon-Mon tends to be published in the magazine Hana-Man Gold, but I can’t recall ever seeing scans.  Does anyone happen to have any copies?

Anyway, enjoy!


Mon Mon’s “Exhibitionism Training EX – Married Horny Bitch Exhibition Slave”

There’s a cludgy title if ever there was one. It’s Mon Mon, so expect bondage! More below the cut. (more…)

Mon-Mon’s “Mon Works III”

Release two of three for this week, I have Mon Works III by one of the better artists doing manga and doujinshi these days. Links and comments below the cut. (more…)