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Many Rapidshare Links Down

It looks like a lot of my links, especially in the 0405 archive, got blocked pending deletion by Rapidshare, so I’ll have to re-upload them over the next few days. Please bear with it.

EDIT: Looks like all the links on the three archive pages were killed. I’ve taken them down for now. I’ll probably kill my two since I’ve updated my categories so it is easier to find items. I’ll probably make individual posts for the Tokorodokoro files. It’ll take a while to get everything back up, though, so please be patient.

EDIT 2: Individual posts for Tokorodokoro’s files are up, and back-dated to September 12th. You can quickly get to them using the Tokorodokoro Archive category link on the left. I’ll start getting my old scans back up on RS during the week; in the meantime, just use Megaupload.

EDIT 3: All Rapidshare links should be back up now. However, it looks like some Megaupload links are now down, so I’ll be going through and getting those re-uploaded. Please comment if you notice any down so I can get them back up as soon as possible.

EDIT 4: I believe all the links are now working.  Please alert me if any go down again.  I’ll have some new scans tomorrow.

Gekkan Onna Kanchou – Motchie Kingdom

New translation. (more…)

Glass no Karen by Juuzoh Minazuki

A new doujin, from my favorite artist, translated. (more…)

Neriwasabi’s “CarNavi-chan and I Vol.3”

Once again I have another chapter of CarNavi-chan, this time translated by Nameless Translator. Masahiko and CarNavi finally take their trip to Akihabara, but of course, nothing is ever that simple when CarNavi is around. The longest chapter yet, and to my knowledge, the most recent. I’m hoping Neriwasabi continues releasing chapters, although it’s been a while since this one came out. Enjoy!

Links behind the cut. (more…)

P-Forest’s “Intermission_if code_06:Viletta”

I was alerted a while back that there was a big gap of what had been scanned from P-Forest’s Intermission_if series of Super Robot Wars doujinshi, so I agreed to start scanning them. Here’s the first one I’ve managed to get finished, featuring Viletta. Enjoy! (more…)

Updates to Coverscan Gallery MkVI

A couple large orders came in recently, so its time for more coverscan updates! Woohoo!


Out with the Code Geass, in with the Gundam 00

I thought Code Geass was pretty fantastic. Going along with that, I’m hoping the second half of Gundam 00 is pretty fantastic(it’s off to a good start). Anyhoo, let’s celebrate both series with some translations.


Keishi Kanesada’s “Capricious Cats”

Keishi Kanesada is one of my favorite artists; his color works are some of the absolute hottest around. This doujin is a copybon containing much of the sketchwork he did for those color pieces.