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Bang-You’s “Azusaleon Vol.5”

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I know what we’re all thankful for around here: teh pr0ns!

Nameless Translator provided me this doujin to scan, so it’s not one I personally own. It’s a short copybon by Bang-You from Comiket 73. (more…)

Tsukasa Kotobuki’s “Street Fighter Monogatari”

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I know what we’re all thankful for around here: teh pr0ns!

Tsukasa Kotobuki is one of those artists whose doujinshi are not often scanned, and when they are, they’re often rather poor quality. So I decided to at least partially remedy that. If you’re familiar with his works, you probably know that a lot of his doujinshi tend to be republished a couple times with different segments and new covers. This is no exception, but the quality should be worth it. (more…)

The Splitters’ “Union of the Knight”

Sorry to disappoint those of you waiting for porn, but tonight I have a short over-sized armor girl doujin by a circle called The Splitters, that consists of v8 from Vanilla*82 and Sayaka from Anarchy Japan. Both are exceptional artists, so those of you who like artbooks should enjoy this one. Personally, I prefer the Vanilla*82 section, but both are excellent.

Download links behind the cut (more…)

Skirt-Tuki’s “Love Angel 2”

This evening I have another doujin by Skirt-Tuki, this time of his other favorite series, Dirty Pair.  This probably won’t appeal to everyone, so be warned.

Also, please note that all files I upload from this point forward will have a password on them. (more…)

Angel Filled by Shinnihon Pepsitou

I’m slow and a liar. :D


Manitou’s “Favo”

Before I get to the doujin, I just wanted to mention that as I notice older uploads getting deleted, I’ll replace the hosted files with direct download links.  I haven’t decided if I’ll include passwords with rars or not, or whether I’ll anonymize existing links yet.  I’m not sure if they’d make a difference, anyway.

Okay, onto the doujin!  This latest scan is a Disgaea doujin by Manitou.  Manitou is one of my favorite artists, and this doujin is great, if I do say so myself. (more…)

P-Forest’s “Intermission_if code_07:Ryune”

This release of the Intermission series by P-Forest is a lot hotter than volume 6 (Viletta), in my opinion.  It’s well drawn, and contains nothing unusual, just straight sex. (more…)

Momoiro-Rip’s “Atheniacs”

Sorry it has been so long since I had a scan to release.  I’ve been busy with some other things, and the whole RS/MU deletion debacle took a lot of time, too.  Anyway, This scan is a Saint Seya doujinshi by Momoiro-Rip.  Anyone familiar with other Saint Seya works by Momorio-Rip will probably know what to expect in this one. (more…)