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Gambler Club’s “Autumn”

I’ve actually had this scan done for quite a while, but I’ve been waiting on a translation that is currently encountering some real life problems. I’ll post it as soon as it is available though. I’ve long considered Gambler Club’s Keroro Gunsou doujins the best of his work, and this one is one of the best even amongst that subset. No one does a better Aki than Gambler Club! Enjoy! (more…)

Gambler Club’s “Natsu.Aki” [Translated]

My latest forced translation from 0405.  This time I made him watch Manos the Hands of Fate without commentary, on repeat.  Editing provided by bubbadg; all it took was some delicious cake.

Anyway, this Gambler Club doujin is one of the best ones they’ve ever done, IMO.  Mmmm, delicious full round Gambler Club boobies.  :9 (more…)

Gambler Club’s “Nazuna-chan’s Small, Unexpected Flourish!!”

This afternoon I have another copybon from Gambler Club.  It’s pretty cute, so enjoy! (more…)

Gambler Club’s “BBS Note 2008 Winter”

Happy Birthday to My Blog! Part X of my Birthday Bash!

My last copybon for today, this one is from Gambler Club and raises the question, “is shaving a fetish?” :) Enjoy! (more…)