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Nao Kokonoki’s “The Angel Within The Barrier” Chapter 04 [English]

Here’s another chapter of Angel Within the Barrier, from SaHa, of course.  The story progresses some more, and has lots more delicious Kokonoki tentacles.  Enjoy! (more…)

Kotoyoshi Yumisuke’s “Celeb At Farm” [English]

Here’s another translation courtesy of desudesu; this time it’s another story from one of the Shinzui anthologies. It includes delicious busty milking, omnomnom~~!  Careful not to fap yourselves raw with this one.  Also, about the title…  It’s very strange, and I kind of suspect is should be “Celibate Farm” but was misspelled.  Anyway, enjoy! (more…)

Nao Kokonoki’s “The Angel Within The Barrier” Chapter 03 [English]

Now for another chapter of Angel Within the Barrier, courtesy of SaHa!  Sumeragi and Natsumi return, although they aren’t involved in any of the sex in this chapter.  However, you do get to see some delicious tentacle sex with Suzuka.  Enjoy! (more…)

Kensoh Ogawa’s “Tricolore” [English]

Here’s my latest commission from desudesu; it’s one of Kensoh Ogawa’s doujins from C77.  This one has delicious busty mangaka sex.  Mmm, so delicious.  Enjoy! (more…)

Skirt-tuki’s “Earth Federation Sex Drill”

I’ve been working on a few projects recently, which is why there’s been a lack of updates recently.  Anyway, here’s a rescan of another Skirt-tuki book.  This one features Matilda giving the White base Girls training in blow jobs, etc.

What I’d REALLY like to see is some delicious three-way with Matilda, Sayla, and Amuro.  Anyway, enjoy! (more…)

Nao Kokonoki’s “The Angel Within The Barrier” Chapter 02 [English]

Courtesy of SaHa, here is part one of chapter 2 of Nao Kokonoki’s “Angel Within the Barrier.”  Technically, the rest of the book is all one chapter, but I’ve broken it up into manageable chunks.  This chapter introduces some new characters and a new location.  You’ll have to wait a bit to see more of Sumeragi and Natsumi, sorry!  Until then, enjoy delicious tentacles. (more…)

Outsourced scan updates

Some more books I’ve sent off to friends have been scanned, so I thought I’d link to them for you all.

The following are from bubbadg:
First up is Distance’s “My Slave.”
Next is Sena Youtaro’s “Hallow Hallow,” along with a re-edit of the english translation.
Then there is Distance’s “Michael Keikaku 1.”
Finally is Kahoru Yunagi’s “Kininaru Roommate 3.”

And from MaxBigfoot is Makoto Moriya’s “Mitsu-Tsubo.”  He doesn’t have a blog, but you can leave him a comment on the Erotic Rapture forum or Bloodfer’s forum.  Here are his download links:
Rapidshare link part 1
Rapidshare link part 2
Megaporn link
Mediafire link part 1
Mediafire link part 2

Rebis’ “Bloom, Pirate Hooker! Bloom!”

Fresh from C77 is The Great work of Alchemy 25, with artwork by Rebis and Chinbotsu, and featuring Robin from One Piece.  I think this is one of the best doujins Rebis has released so far; Robin is incredibly hot drawn by Rebis, especially when she dons the glasses.  Domino is incredibly hot, too.  Combined with great artwork by Chinbotsu, too, is just icing on the cake.  Enjoy! (more…)

Kaiten Sommelier’s “18 Kaiten Mouth and Ass Toughness” [English]

Here’s another scan with a complementary translation courtesy of Nameless Translator!  This is very nice Daphne in the Brilliant Blue doujin, by Kaiten Sommelier, who does some incredibly nice artwork.  Enjoy your delicious Shizuka assfucking~ (more…)

Skirt-tuki’s “Blonde Hair Amulet” [English]

Desudesu translated this on commission for Lord G, but the existing scans were crap.  I had started to rescan it at that point, so I offered to re-edit the English version.  Here’s the original post by desudesu if you want to tell him thanks for the translation.  Enjoy your Gundam novels spoof! (more…)

Alraune’s Untitled Shinzui 8 Chapter [English]

Here’s another commission from Desudesu; this time it is another excerpt from one of the Shinzui anthologies.  The author for this one is Alraune, probably better known to most of you as Orange Soft.  It involves happy sex between a student and her homeroom teacher.  Enjoy! (more…)

Chiba Toshirou’s “Hi-SICS 05 A Certain Witch’s Sex Life” [English]

Well, looks like Setebos and I had the same thought.  Here’s my commission of Chiba Toshirou’s latest, courtesy of desudesu.  Enjoy! (more…)

Minazuki’s “Setsuna-Wet Fun with Tentacles of Lust” [English]

Now I have for you all a new scan plus a translation by Nameless Translator!  This is Minazuki’s summer release, and features Setsuna from PreCure.  Enjoy! (more…)

Mumu’s “Morning Set” [English]

Here’s a new translation from Nameless Translator.  It’s a short color story from the January 2010 issue of Hana-man, by a new artist named Mumu.  Enjoy! (more…)

Jouji Mujoh’s “Secret Room” [English]

For the new year, I have a few translations to offer you!  I’d have had these posted earlier, but a couple doujins I was cleaning took a LOT longer than I expected.  Anyway, the first one is a happy sex filled Dragon Quest doujin by Jouji Mujoh, called “Secret Room,” translated by desudesu.  Enjoy your delicious pillowy Mujoh boobies!  :9 (more…)