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Johji Mujoh’s “Solo Mugi”

And now I present Johji Mujoh’s latest work from C80. Gorgeous full color artwork FTW!  Mmmm, delicious Mugi cosplay bukkake. :9 Enjoy! (more…)

Jouji Mujoh’s “Super Weak!”

Here’s another C79 scan; this time a yummy full color Mujoh!  I love Mujoh’s art.  He draws wonderful soft women.  :9  Enjoy! (more…)

Jouji Mujoh’s “NKH II”

Here’s a scan I’ve had floating around that I kept forgetting to post.  It’s by Jouji Mujoh, who does really nice full color artwork.

In other news, bubbadg’s blog was deleted by Google last weekend, and even though he got them to undelete it, he decided it was time to pack up and move, so I built him his very own cozy little apartment next door at  So get over there and harass him about moar Black Dog or something.  :)

Enjoy! (more…)

Jouji Mujoh’s “Secret Room” [English]

For the new year, I have a few translations to offer you!  I’d have had these posted earlier, but a couple doujins I was cleaning took a LOT longer than I expected.  Anyway, the first one is a happy sex filled Dragon Quest doujin by Jouji Mujoh, called “Secret Room,” translated by desudesu.  Enjoy your delicious pillowy Mujoh boobies!  :9 (more…)