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Genetrix’s “47 Braves & Blades”

Here’s an absolutely massive doujin from Genetrix, featuring a whole bunch of characters. Not sure if they are original or not, though. Anyway, the first third or so includes character and setting descriptions, with the rest made up still images and short story segments, mostly hentai, of course. Latter part of the doujin consists of images from various artists (and includes their Pixiv IDs!). Enjoy! (more…)

Kenichi Sonoda & Q Shorts from Megaton Punch 11 [English]

Here’s another commission of mine from SaHa.  It is the two shorts by Kenichi Sonoda and Q from Sonoda’s anthology doujin Megaton Punch 11.  Ordinarily, I don’t like translating only parts of doujins, but I make exceptions for long anthologies. Enjoy! (more…)

Alice no Takarabako’s “The Animalm@ster” Vols.2-3 [English]

So I was planning to commission these two once I finished the scans, but when I sent them off to desudesu, he informed me someone else had just commissioned them.  Since I’d finished them and they were higher res than the existing ones, I offered to re-edit the doujins for desudesu and do some QC.  Anyway, here they are!  Enjoy! (more…)

Attic Work Space’s “Kemomimi!”

Those unfamiliar with the circle Attic Work Space may recognize Ryoji’s artwork from a number of Nippon Ichi titles, such as La Pucelle and Disgaea.  I believe this is the first traditional hentai doujin I’ve seen from him.  Enjoy! (more…)

Cobanzame (Koshow Showshow)’s “Out of Order (Koshouchuu) 10”

Final release for now. Can we all say, “Mmmm, futanari!”? :) (more…)