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Ryoji’s “Kemomimi! 2” [English]

So Chiba Toshirou has a new tankoubon out.  I think I’ll commission it as soon as scans appear (may scan it myself if none show up soon or they really suck…). Mmm, delicious Chiba Toshirou.

Anyway, thanks again go to desudesu for translating this so quick. Tigergirl sex is always great, eh?  :D  Enjoy! (more…)

Ryoji’s “Kemomimi! 2”

Sorry for the small hiatus.  I’ve been sick lately.  Anyway, here’s a new doujin by Ryoji (a.k.a. Attic Work Space), the second in his Kemomimi series. This one is about a guy who is lost in a jungle, and runs out of water, only to be saved by a very naive tiger girl. Mmm, tiger girls.  Enjoy! (more…)

Maidoll’s “Twin Monogatari The Second”

Some you readers may wonder why I translate the titles of my scans rather than use the romaji like so many others do.  There’s a pretty simple reason, as explained to me by a friend who is very proficient in Japanese.  He pointed out that romaji is useless. If you don’t know Japanese, then it is essentially gibberish; the only thing it may do for you is help you (badly) pronounce the title. If you DO know Japanese, romaji isn’t gibberish, but it doesn’t help you read it, either, since the same romaji syllables can be used for a number of kanji that often mean very different things.  So you’d want to see the original kana or kanji instead.  This is the reasoning behind my use of translated titles.  The main reason I am mentioning this is because there are asome extremely silly people over at e-hentai (hate the place, but I figured I might as well get the points for my stuff rather than someone else) who apparently insist that romaji is the only correct way.  So, if you agree with me (or just want to be a dick on e-hentai), please petition some of my scans for renaming back to their translated names.  :)

Also, a crapton of stuff I ordered from C79 has already been scanned, so I guess I’m once again going to be Mr. Quality Rescan Guy.

Anyway, here is another new scan, once again a doujin by Maidoll.  This is a followup to Twin Monogatari, and features some delicious busty catgirl (maybe…) sex.  I really can’t decide which of the two books I like better, to be honest.  They’re both fantastic.  I’m looking forward her C79 books.  Enjoy! (more…)

Mon-Mon’s “Labyrinth of Shame” Chapters 10-11 [English]

Here are two more chapters of Labyrinth of Shame, translated by desudesu, of course.  The first of the two chapters is “Cosplay Diary,” and the second is “Mansion of Heat.”  They’re both rather short, but enjoy! (more…)

Alice no Takarabako’s “The Animalm@ster” Vols.2-3 [English]

So I was planning to commission these two once I finished the scans, but when I sent them off to desudesu, he informed me someone else had just commissioned them.  Since I’d finished them and they were higher res than the existing ones, I offered to re-edit the doujins for desudesu and do some QC.  Anyway, here they are!  Enjoy! (more…)

*Updated* Jyubaori Marshmallow’s “Kusari Vol.7” (English)

Here’s another commission courtesy of desudesu, this time of my scan of Kusari Vol.7.  Mmmm, delicious futa-elf sex. (more…)

Kurohiko’s “Kuroshiki 7”

Here’s another doujin from one of my favorite artists, Kurohiko.  Their artwork is incredibly cute, beatiful, and sexy all at the same time, which is pretty hard to do.  Enjoy! (more…)

Nekomimi Shinkansen’s “Metal Road”

I bought this doujin hoping for some AWESOME FETISHES (giantgirls riding bullet trains?  I’m so there!).  Unfortunetly, it’s lacking in that regard, and is only so-so in general.  Anyway, enjoy! (more…)

Behind Moon’s “It’s Not A Penis, So I’m Not Embarrassed!!!”

Here’s Behind Moon’s C75 doujin, featuring the characters of Strike Witches.  This is actually a rescans since I was not happy with the existing scan (it had terrible gutter shadow for one thing).  Enjoy!


Kairakuten Beast 2009-05

I finally decided to try scanning a magazine.  I opted to start with one that has been somewhat hit-or-miss when it comes to getting scanned, that way, if I fucked it up, there was still a chance someone else would scan it.  Hopefully you all will approve of the job I did.  Enjoy! (more…)

Tonbo Kusanagi’s “Ding Ding 1” [English]

Courtesy of Nameless Translator, I have for you today an english translation of my scan of Tonbo Kusanagi’s Ding Ding 1 Complete! Sexy cat-eared girl from a pocket in the space-time continuum is sexy. :9 (more…)