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Ryoji’s “Kemomimi! 2” [English]

So Chiba Toshirou has a new tankoubon out.  I think I’ll commission it as soon as scans appear (may scan it myself if none show up soon or they really suck…). Mmm, delicious Chiba Toshirou.

Anyway, thanks again go to desudesu for translating this so quick. Tigergirl sex is always great, eh?  :D  Enjoy! (more…)

Ryoji’s “Kemomimi! 2”

Sorry for the small hiatus.  I’ve been sick lately.  Anyway, here’s a new doujin by Ryoji (a.k.a. Attic Work Space), the second in his Kemomimi series. This one is about a guy who is lost in a jungle, and runs out of water, only to be saved by a very naive tiger girl. Mmm, tiger girls.  Enjoy! (more…)

Attic Work Space’s “Kemomimi!”

Those unfamiliar with the circle Attic Work Space may recognize Ryoji’s artwork from a number of Nippon Ichi titles, such as La Pucelle and Disgaea.  I believe this is the first traditional hentai doujin I’ve seen from him.  Enjoy! (more…)