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Toshiki Yui’s “Mai no Heya” Volume 1 Complete [English]

Here’s a compilation of volume one of Mai no Heya (chapters 1-13).  Includes the front and back matter, covers, etc.  Thanks to Conan for compiling this.  Enjoy! (more…)

Toshiki Yui’s “Mai no Heya” Chapter 13 [English]

Kame to the rescue!  In a very sexy outfit, too, I might add.  :9  Translation by Nameless Translator and editing by Conan, as usual.  Enjoy! (more…)

Toshiki Yui’s “Mai no Heya” Chapter 12 [English]

Here’s a tasty little after-thanksgiving treat!  Another chapter of Toshiki Yui’s ecchi manga “Mai no Heya,” and this time its a shaving party!  Translation courtesy of 0405 (who is busy with “studying,” whatever that is!) and editing by Conan from 4dawgz.  Enjoy! (more…)

Toshiki Yui’s “Mai no Heya” Chapter 11 [English]

We’re up to chapter 11 now, and get introduced to a new character!  For what reason could she be stalking Kame?  You’ll have to read and find out!

Editing provided by Conan of 4dawgz and translation by Nameless Translator, as usual, of course.  Did I mention Nameless is too lazy to post these?  He *claims* he’s all busy and tired and stuff, but I suspect he’s just lazy.  He’s probably playing some new game or something.  That jerk!  (more…)

Toshiki Yui’s “Mai no Heya” Chapter 10 [English]

Here’s another new chapter of Toshiki Yui’s full color gag manga Mai no Heya.  In this episode, we discover something new about Kame’s personality…

I’m beginning to suspect this manga is an excuse to dress Kame up in sexy outfits…  :)  Translation is by Nameless Translator, of course, and thanks go to Conan of 4dawgz for the editing.  Enjoy! (more…)


hey translations

I’m so tired. :[


Mai no Heya v1c7 – Yui Toshiki

These two were actually finished a couple of weeks ago.   It’s just taken me this long to post them.


Mai no Heya v1c6 – Yui Toshiki

Derp derp so lazy.


Mai no Heya v1c5 – Yui Toshiki

Otome, hero to men with blue balls everywhere.


Mai no Heya v1c4 – Yui Toshiki

I need to get a car so I can lend it to Otome. D:


Mai no Heya v1c3 – Yui Toshiki

Finally, a sex scene.


Mai no Heya v1c2 – Yui Toshiki

The claws come out in this chapter when Kame and Ushi duke it out!(not really)


Mai no Heya v1c1 – Yui Toshiki

So, generally I stay away from non-doujin works, as I don’t want to hurt their chances of getting licensed.  In this case, however, given the general subject matter(somewhere between soft-hardcore porn and a gag manga), I think there’s pretty much no chance it’ll ever get licensed.  If you happen to know different, please tell me ASAP.