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PureCruel’s “After It Clears!”

HAPPY BUNNY YEAR! Now have some porn!
Part the Tenth

And now for the finale.  While not the best release of the day, I thought it appropriate to save it for the last, as it features bunnygirls, and this IS the year of the rabbit.  This is a futa doujin featuring the girls from Haruhi.  Also, don’t mind the odd file numbering; the color pages were 1-4 and the b&w pages started at 3 (although you can’t see them for the most part since they were right at the very edge of the paper, and that tends to get cut off from overscan and ragged page edges), almost as if the color pages were added as an afterthought.  Anyway, enjoy your bunnygirls! (more…)

Jouji Mujoh’s “NKH II”

Here’s a scan I’ve had floating around that I kept forgetting to post.  It’s by Jouji Mujoh, who does really nice full color artwork.

In other news, bubbadg’s blog was deleted by Google last weekend, and even though he got them to undelete it, he decided it was time to pack up and move, so I built him his very own cozy little apartment next door at  So get over there and harass him about moar Black Dog or something.  :)

Enjoy! (more…)

Type.90’s “Empire.Color”

One of two recent full-color doujins by Type.90, this features Yuki from Haruhi.  It contains flatchest, just for smekt.  Enjoy! (more…)

Studio Katsudon’s “Haruhi’s Ache”

Merry Fucking Christmas!!
Part The Seventh

And now, the final XXX-mas gift is a great Haruhi doujin by Studio Katsudon! Katsudon-styled Bunnygirl Mikuru is quite delicious. :9 (more…)