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One Seven’s “Red Muffler GGG”

Hagane Tetsu returns with a fantastic doujin! Mmm, GaoGaiGar pr0ns. Shota fans will love this one! (more…)

One Seven’s “Red Muffler Vo”

Another new C78 scan, this time from the awesome One Seven, who does doujins primarily based on 80s and 90s mecha anime.  This time, he presents a VOTOMS doujin, with the first half featuring Chirico Cuvie and the lovely Fyana.  I’ve been wanting a good doujin featuring Fyana for YEARS.  The second part features one of the side stories that I am not very familiar with.

Mmmm, Fyana.  :9 (more…)

One Seven’s “Red Muffler M”

In celebration of the return of the Erotic Rapture Forums, have some DELICIOUS ROBOTECHS PR0NS!! (more…)

One Seven’s “Red Muffler L” [English]

Here’s my latest commission from desudesu.  What I like about One Seven is that not only is his artwork great, but he also focuses on older mecha titles, which are seriously underrepresented.  This one features one of my favorite characters from L.Gaim, Gaw Ha Leccee.  Omnomnom redheads.  :9  Enjoy! (more…)