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Toranoana’s “Prison Battleship Anthology ~Inhuman Brainwashing Voyage~” [English]

Here’s another new scan and translation, courtesy of desudesu. This is one of the anthologies published by Toranoana; this one features four stories based on the Prison Battleship game and features four artists, most of whom should be familiar to you all. The artists featured are Mizuryu Kei (Alice no Takarabako), Yamamura Natsuri, Zol (Veto), and B-River. Enjoy! (more…)

Veto’s “Black Paradise Preparation Edition”

This doujin by Veto is basically an early release of a later doujin (which I do not have… yet); it’s based on Himekishi Lilia.  It’s kind of rough work, but still nice.  Enjoy! (more…)

Veto’s “J-Heroines”

Here’s my latest scan, which is actually a compilation of two earlier books, that were not published in a finished form (i.e. they were more like sketches).  Enjoy! (more…)