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Outsourced Scans update

A while back, bubbadg finished his scan of my hardcopy of Distance’s My Slave in order to give Lhytiss the high-res scans for the translation.  Well, bubbadg went through and re-edited the whole book and did some general QC’ing on it and posted it on his blog a few days ago.  Go get it if you haven’t yet, it’ll be well worth your time.

Side note:  He has a lot of Black Dog (among other things) rescans and re-edits available too, so do yourselves a favor and upgrade your copies.  :D

Outsourced scan updates

A couple new scans have gone up of books I sent to other scanners.

First up, scanned by bubbadg, is Kahoru Yunagi’s “Brother and Sister.” He has also done some rescans of Punky Knight, Bondage Faeries, and some Black Dog doujins.  They’re not my books, but get them anyway.  :)

Second, Maxbigfoot scanned Shingo Hayabusa’s “Sweat & Tears.”  He doesn’t have a blog, but here are the download links:
Rapidshare link
Megaporn link
Hotfile link

Outsourced scan updates

Some more books I’ve sent off to friends have been scanned, so I thought I’d link to them for you all.

The following are from bubbadg:
First up is Distance’s “My Slave.”
Next is Sena Youtaro’s “Hallow Hallow,” along with a re-edit of the english translation.
Then there is Distance’s “Michael Keikaku 1.”
Finally is Kahoru Yunagi’s “Kininaru Roommate 3.”

And from MaxBigfoot is Makoto Moriya’s “Mitsu-Tsubo.”  He doesn’t have a blog, but you can leave him a comment on the Erotic Rapture forum or Bloodfer’s forum.  Here are his download links:
Rapidshare link part 1
Rapidshare link part 2
Megaporn link
Mediafire link part 1
Mediafire link part 2