Archive for January 27th, 2010
Nao Kokonoki’s “The Angel Within The Barrier” Chapter 03 [English]

Now for another chapter of Angel Within the Barrier, courtesy of SaHa!  Sumeragi and Natsumi return, although they aren’t involved in any of the sex in this chapter.  However, you do get to see some delicious tentacle sex with Suzuka.  Enjoy! (more…)

Kensoh Ogawa’s “Tricolore” [English]

Here’s my latest commission from desudesu; it’s one of Kensoh Ogawa’s doujins from C77.  This one has delicious busty mangaka sex.  Mmm, so delicious.  Enjoy! (more…)

Skirt-tuki’s “Earth Federation Sex Drill”

I’ve been working on a few projects recently, which is why there’s been a lack of updates recently.  Anyway, here’s a rescan of another Skirt-tuki book.  This one features Matilda giving the White base Girls training in blow jobs, etc.

What I’d REALLY like to see is some delicious three-way with Matilda, Sayla, and Amuro.  Anyway, enjoy! (more…)