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Kensoh Ogawa’s “Gullible Pussies”

This is Kensoh Ogawa’s full C80 doujin. I really love it when he does megane.  :9 (more…)

Kensoh Ogawa’s “The Quiet Sound of Petals Falling”

Here’s Kensoh Ogawa’s C80 copybon, featuring everyone’s favorite: hot springs sex! Enjoy! (more…)

Kensoh Ogawa’s “HiME Otome” [English]

Here’s the full translation of this compilation doujin from Fukudahda! This includes re-edits of the first four chapters, as well as the newly-translated last chapter. Translation is by SaHa and editing is by Rarzor. Don’t forget to give them thanks as well!

On another note, my main order is in for C80. Look forward to Alice no Takarabako, Insert, Maidoll, and some others. I have my eyes on a bunch of other stuff, too, but I can’t afford it now. (more…)

Kensoh Ogawa’s “Samekh Driver”

Here’s a copybon from Kensoh Ogawa. Enjoy your megane anal sex! (more…)

Fukudahda – Soushisouai Note Nisatsume

I was asked to do an introduction, so here it is.

Hello! I scan mangos. Have some Fukudahda.

Kensoh Ogawa’s “HiME Otome”

This C78 release is a compilation of Kensoh Ogawa’s five Mai HiME/Otome doujins.  Three of the stories have been translated, so I’m going to get this volume re-edited and finished off.  Also, my next few releases will be C79 stuff (some today, the rest throughout next week), including Insert’s latest, so look forward to those.  Enjoy! (more…)

Kensoh Ogawa’s “Rinko and You at a Midsummer Love Hotel”

Here’s my scan of Kensoh Ogawa’s C78 copybon.  I believe the “you” in the title means the reader is supposed to insert themself into the story.  Enjoy! (more…)

Kensoh Ogawa’s “Tricolore” [English]

Here’s my latest commission from desudesu; it’s one of Kensoh Ogawa’s doujins from C77.  This one has delicious busty mangaka sex.  Mmm, so delicious.  Enjoy! (more…)

Fukudahda’s “With a Side of Wife” [English]

Here’s a chapter that Fukudahda (Kensoh Ogawa) penned for the Toranoana Shinzui series of anthologies, specifically volume 5, translation courtesy of DesuDesu.  Enjoy! (more…)

Kensoh Ogawa and Mizuyokan Brand – 3 Short Copybon

I decided to make this into one post, since each of the following three copybon are quite short at only four pages each.  There is one by Kensoh Ogawa and two by Mizuyokan Brand.  Enjoy! (more…)

[Tokorodokoro Archive] Kensoh Ogawa

With 0405 of Tokorodokoro At Night closing down his site and moving onto other things, I was afraid his doujinshi translations would be lost to the aether, so I offered to host them as a permanent repository.

Below the cut are three translated doujinshi by Kensoh Ogawa: “Ashford Academy Underground,” “Bianca Milk 5.1,” and “Subete No Oppai Seijin ni Houkoku.” (more…)