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Rippadou’s “Fujiko Collection”

Here’s a new Rippadou scan, featuring Fujiko from Lupin III. Enjoy! (more…)

Nao Kokonoki’s “The Angel Within The Barrier” Chapter 05/Complete [English]

Here’s the final part of Nao Kokonoki’s first volume of “Angel Within the Barrier” (translation by SaHa as usual), plus the full book for those who waited.  The chapter 5 download includes the covers, etc., as does the full volume of course.  Make sure you check out the little 4koma on the dustjacket flaps!  :)

Sadly, the second volume of this has not been released yet, and I have yet to find good enough scans of the rest of the magazine chapters to commission, so it may be some time before the rest gets translated.

Finally, this blog has broken 1000 comments, so I want to thank everyone who has had kind things to say.  Thanks!

Now, without further ado, onto everyone’s favorite tentacle & futa manga! (more…)

Rokuroh Isako’s “The Secret” [English]

Here’s my latest commission from desudesu, which is a chapter by Rokuroh Isako, from Kemono for Essential 6.  I commissioned this one knowing it contained some of smekt’s favorite fetishes. (more…)

Nao Kokonoki’s “The Angel Within The Barrier” Chapter 04 [English]

Here’s another chapter of Angel Within the Barrier, from SaHa, of course.  The story progresses some more, and has lots more delicious Kokonoki tentacles.  Enjoy! (more…)

Nao Kokonoki’s “The Angel Within The Barrier” Chapter 03 [English]

Now for another chapter of Angel Within the Barrier, courtesy of SaHa!  Sumeragi and Natsumi return, although they aren’t involved in any of the sex in this chapter.  However, you do get to see some delicious tentacle sex with Suzuka.  Enjoy! (more…)

Muchi Muchi 7’s “Muchi Muchi Carnival 3”

From C75, this is the latest doujin by the circle Muchi Muchi 7.  It contains three “chapters” covering the three main female characters from Dragon Quest 5, with each page done by a different artist.  Enjoy! (more…)

Skirt-Tuki’s “Love Angel 2”

This evening I have another doujin by Skirt-Tuki, this time of his other favorite series, Dirty Pair.  This probably won’t appeal to everyone, so be warned.

Also, please note that all files I upload from this point forward will have a password on them. (more…)

[Tokorodokoro Archive] Hosaka Yuuichi

With 0405 of Tokorodokoro At Night closing down his site and moving onto other things, I was afraid his doujinshi translations would be lost to the aether, so I offered to host them as a permanent repository.

Below the cut is one translated doujinshi by Hosaka Yuuichi entitled The Horse and the Frustrated Wife. (more…)