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Wrench Studio’s “Daphne in the Brilliant Blue Spin Offed-Short Stories”

Here’s something interesting for you all.  Piggstar’s non-hentai circle released this book with six short side stories from Daphne in the Brilliant Blue.  They’re really fun, and we have a translation in the works.  Enjoy! (more…)

Piggstar’s “Kuroi K-On!”

Here’s Piggstar’s pre-C76 doujin, featuring K-On.  I love Piggstar’s artwork; I think he’s one of the best artists around.  Enjoy! (more…)

Piggstar’s “Candy #3 Love Sick Pleasure”

Here’s the latest from Piggstar, the third in his Candy series of PreCure doujinshi.  Enjoy! (more…)

Dream Eater – Piggstar

Just another awful dictionary translation by yours truly.  If you don’t know who provided these scans, go away.


Piggstar’s “Dream Eater”

Happy Birthday to My Blog! Part VII of my Birthday Bash!

Continuing on, I have a Piggstar doujin from C74, featuring Soul Eater. While it’s a very nice doujin, I don’t really have any feelings for the show, so I would rather Piggstar do something for MacF or the like. Enjoy! (more…)

Doramon! by Piggstar

Yay, another awful dictionary translation by yours truly. :D


Piggstar’s “Doramon!”

Here’s another new scan from C75, this time a Toradora doujin by the excellent Piggstar!  Personally I wish this one were longer, but what are ya gonna do.  Enjoy! (more…)

P-Collection’s “Tarantula”

A Code Geass doujinshi by the awesome circle P-Collection, this work consists of three shorts by Piggstar, Kazuki Kotobuki, and Nori-haru. One of my favorite translators, 0405, mentioned he might translate this one if he likes the content, so I bumped it up in the queue. Hopefully he’ll take it on when he finishes his current projects. More below the cut. (more…)