Insert’s “Let’s All Do Something Good Together – Nurse’s Room Chapter”

Another doujin for the big-breast/bukkake fans out there; this is another one of Insert’s X-change doujinshi. With this release, I’m trying an experiment with direct downloads rather than filesharing services; we’ll see how well it works out. Please comment on which method you prefer. More below the cut…

Insert has quickly become a favorite of mine. This particular doujinshi is one of his older works, and his art style has definitely been refined over time; however, it’s still high quality, especially if you like pencil work. It took me longer to get this one done due to family obligations over the weekend (young kids hanging around puts a damper on scanning teh pr0ns for some reason…) and the paper used seems to be the wrong type or something because there were a lot of markings on it that struck me as print guides or some such. I tried to clean those parts up as much as I could, but don’t be surprised if you see some faint numbers or odd characters along the page borders. Also, the pages were printed with virtually no margin or gutter, and slightly crooked. I’m glad no other doujinshi I have suffer from these “defects.”

As I mentioned above, I’m going to experiment with direct downloads with this release to gauge bandwidth usage, etc. Hotlinking has been disabled so I don’t have everyone linking the files directly. Please comment on whether you prefer this (no fucking cats!) or Rapidshare/Megaupload.



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