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Nori-Haru’s “Destruction, Hope, Despair”

Tired of Football night?  How about Porn night!  Have a delicious Nori-Haru doujin featuring Kallen of Code Geass!  Enjoy! (more…)

Pink Lagoon EX by Studio Enigma, translated.

Hello. Just another mediocre translator here. I don’t do commissions and I don’t do requests, but I do heed suggestions. If there’s something you want translated, feel free to suggest it. No guarantee that I’ll translate it, but I’ll at least take a look and give you a definite yes or no. When picking doujinshi for translation, I tend to pick by artists I favor more than the series they’re based on.

Into English. (more…)

P-Collection’s “Tarantula”

A Code Geass doujinshi by the awesome circle P-Collection, this work consists of three shorts by Piggstar, Kazuki Kotobuki, and Nori-haru. One of my favorite translators, 0405, mentioned he might translate this one if he likes the content, so I bumped it up in the queue. Hopefully he’ll take it on when he finishes his current projects. More below the cut. (more…)