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Updates to Coverscan Gallery MkX

This is loooong overdue.  This will be a very long post due to the number of doujinshi I’ve gotten in the last six months or so.  Also note that there are a lot listed as unknown, primarily because I was too lazy to look up the artist or circle.  :) (more…)

Updates to Coverscan Gallery MkIX

I got more stuff in recently, so more covers have been added to the gallery.  I’m insane, I know.  :) (more…)

Updates to Coverscan Gallery MkVIII

Time for more additions to my coverscan gallery! (more…)

Updates to Coverscan Gallery MkVII

Got a new order in and I had some old items that I hadn’t added to the gallery yet, so it’s time for another gallery update! (more…)

Updates to Coverscan Gallery MkVI

A couple large orders came in recently, so its time for more coverscan updates! Woohoo!


Updates to Coverscan Gallery MkV

Well, I’m back from Otakon, and here we have the new doujinshi acquisitions I purchased (plus a few I got from before the con). (more…)

Updates to Coverscan Gallery MkIV

Update time, AX Loot Edition! (more…)

Updates to Coverscan Gallery MkIII

More coverscans! There’s a lot here because a few orders clustered together and I hadn’t gotten around to updating in a while. ^^; (more…)

Updates to Coverscan Gallery MkII

Say Mark-II!

I received another package of doujinshi yesterday. Mmmm, porn! (more…)

Updates to Coverscan Gallery

I recently got a package of new doujinshi, and added the covers to my gallery. I’ll point out the specific additions below the cut, or you can access the full gallery on the left. (more…)

Doujin Cover Gallery

I regularly scan the covers of my doujinshi so that I can attempt to avoid purchasing duplicates (although you might be surprised at how often I still fail at that).  I migrated it from my previous private location, and you can access the gallery here.

Feel free to request scans; however, please remember that I scan when I can and what I want, so there is no guarantee I’ll get to it anytime soon.  On the other hand, the more people who request something, the more likely I am to move it up in my queue.  Just remember, be polite.  :)