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Hisagi Higashimadou’s “Futanari Shinku X Huge-Rack Suigin”

Here’s the latest translation from Nameless Translator, which I got him to do under extreme duress.  I tied him down and forced him to watch Naruto non-stop until he agreed to translate it.  It’s fun to be evil! (more…)

Hisagi Higashimadou’s “Futanari Rin X Huge-Rack Saber” [English]

Here’s a new translation I asked Nameless Translator work on for me.  It’s another Hisagi Higashimadou doujin, featuring futa and delicious round breasts.  Enjoy! (more…)

Hisagi Higashimadou’s “Futanari Euphemia X Huge-Rack Cornelia” – English Translated!

My third scan/commission combo, with translation provided again by 0405, is another futanari doujinshi by Hisagi Higashimadou. (more…)

Hisagi Higashimadou’s “Huge-Rack Milly X Futanari Kallen” – English Translated!

I decided to try something a little different with this new scan, and commissioned a translation by the great (although I doubt he’d admit that!) 0405. So not only will you get my usual high quality raw scans, but an awesome high quality English version as well! (more…)