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Destino de Abril 2 by Manitou

Derderder, I’m slow. Anyhoo, new translation.


Manitou’s “Destino de Abril 2”

Merry Fucking Christmas!!
Part The Fourth (see Nameless Translator’s Destino de Abril translation for The Third)

It’s not over yet! Here now is Manitou’s “Destino de Abril 2,” containing another Gurren Lagann story as well as a short Xenosaga story. KOS-MOS is a dirty, dirty girl. (more…)

Destino de Abril by Manitou

Mission: Steal Anonymous-Scanner’s e-thunder.

Weapon of choice: A subpar dictionary translation.


Manitou’s “Favo 3”

Merry Fucking Christmas!!
Part The Second

Continuing on, here’s part two of my Christmas bash! This time it is Manitou’s “Favo 3,” featuring a very funny story from Dennou Coil. Page number 16 contains one of the funnier images I’ve seen in a while. After the Dennou Coil story, there is a short Disgaea story. (more…)

Manitou’s “Favo 2”

Merry Fucking Christmas!!
Part The First

It took me longer than I expected to get everything ready, but here we go! The first part of the celebration is Manitou’s “Favo 2,” featuring Etna and Prince from Disgaea. (more…)

Manitou’s “Favo”

Before I get to the doujin, I just wanted to mention that as I notice older uploads getting deleted, I’ll replace the hosted files with direct download links.  I haven’t decided if I’ll include passwords with rars or not, or whether I’ll anonymize existing links yet.  I’m not sure if they’d make a difference, anyway.

Okay, onto the doujin!  This latest scan is a Disgaea doujin by Manitou.  Manitou is one of my favorite artists, and this doujin is great, if I do say so myself. (more…)

Manitou’s “Destino de Abril”

Sorry for the delay on this one; I got a little burned out, and life interfered as well. Releases will probably be rather slow for the foreseeable future, as well. Anyway, here’s a Gurren Lagann doujin by one of my favorite artists, Manitou. :) (more…)

Final Round of Previous Releases

My most recent releases were from this past February, and consisted of a pair from Angel Ravishment, a Manitou copybon, and the most recent Behind Moon doujinshi. (more…)