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Zen9’s “Breeding x Sisters”

My second Zen9 doujin, woo!  The first one was the awesome BoF3 doujin I posted years ago, which is one of my all time favorite doujins (delicious Momo!). Anyway, this includes double-dicked lizardmen, which, while awesome, aren’t quite as awesome as Momo. Enjoy! (more…)

Zen9’s “BoF” [English]

Here’s my latest commission from SaHa.  It’s one of my early scans, and one of the hotter Breath of Fire 3 doujinshi.

Omnomnom  sexy horny Momo~~ (more…)

2007 Christmas Celebration!

Just in time for Christmas, I scanned a large batch of doujinshi, including the highly sought-after Double Princesses by Yuki Yanagi. On to the doujinshi! (more…)