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Type.90’s “Imperial Headquarters Calendar 2009″

This was released along with the previous Type.90 doujin I scanned. It’s a full color calendar for 2009, and while it doesn’t have any actual nudity or anything explicit, it’s still pretty hot. Enjoy! (more…)

Orange Soft’s “C.C. Assortment”

For the C.C. fans out there, I have a very nice full color doujin by Orange Soft. It showcases C.C. in a number of different outfits (although sadly my favorite is only in one panel), such as her school uniform and a school swimsuit. (more…)

Type90’s “Petit Empire Calendar 2005”

My latest scan is a doujin calendar from 2005 by Type90, a great artist who has a very distinctive and detailed art style. The images are just ecchi rather than hentai for the most part; but still quite hot. (more…)

Kunihiko Tanaka’s “2000 Calendar”

Just a quickie this evening. This is a doujin calendar for the year 2000 by the artist Kunihiko Tanaka (Xenogears, Key the Metal Idol). I had misplaced this a while ago and just found it again while doing some cleaning, so I decided to scan it since he is one of my favorite artists and the artwork is incredibly cute. I left this post uncut because the images are non-h. Enjoy!


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