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Garyuh Chitai (Tana)’s “Aki-Akane -Sequel II-“

Another scan today, this time the latest from Tana, another in the Aki-Akane series.  For once it contains no scat!  Enjoy! (more…)

Tenma 2009-06

Here’s my latest magazine scan; the June issue of Tenma.  Lots of good artists in this issue, such as Yamatogawa, Tana, Tuna Empire, and Norutaru.  Enjoy! (more…)

Garyuh Chitai’s “Aki-Akane -Sequel 1-“

Here’s a new scan, this time a great futa doujin by Garyuh Chitai (Tana).  It’s another in the Aki-Akane storyline.  Contains Male on Futa on Futa and extreme bukkake, yum!

Also, I love this cover.  :D (more…)