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Haruki Genia’s “Perfect Banned Book Catalog 3”

Yes, I know, this was already scanned, but I’d already taken it apart.  Enjoy!

Incidentally, I noticed I forgot to include the “2” in the foldername for the last one.  Sorry about that. (more…)

Jyubaori Marshmallow’s “Kusari 7”

Mmmm, yummy futa-elves!  I want one of my own.  Also, hotest Echidna EVAR.  :9


Off to Secret Journey 5 for the weekend

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, I’ve been rather busy of late.  I’m heading off to Secret Journey this weekend, but I plan to not knock out a couple books when I get back, so don’t look forward to that.


WingBird’s “Chara Emu WBC003”

Here’s the first of two WingBird copybon. This one features the characters from Power Puff Girls Z. Enjoy! (more…)

Gambler Club’s “Nazuna-chan’s Small, Unexpected Flourish!!”

This afternoon I have another copybon from Gambler Club.  It’s pretty cute, so enjoy! (more…)

NiseMIDIdoronokai’s “Okaz no Omake”

Happy Birthday to My Blog! Part IX of my Birthday Bash!

As far as I know, this was never scanned; the images floating around are low rez versions taken from NiseMIDI’s website. Enjoy! (more…)

Doramon! by Piggstar

Yay, another awful dictionary translation by yours truly. :D


Type.90’s “Petite Empire 2008 Winter (Chrysalis)”

Over the next few days, I’ll be posting about a half dozen C75 doujins.  So let’s get started with a Type.90 copybon! (more…)

Hellabunna’s “Large and Small”

New scan time!  Here’s a great Hellabunna doujin featuring Klan Klan from Macross F in both her forms.  I’ve had this sitting around for a little while and kept forgetting to post it, so I figured now is as good a time as any. (more…)

P-Forest’s “Intermission_if code_11:Latooni”

Happy 2009! Now have some porn!
Part The Third

On we go to my third P-Forest scan of the day; this one features the loli-ish Latooni. Enjoy! (more…)

UniniGumi’s “MSW”

This full color oversized doujinshi by the circle UniniGumi features shorts by four different artists. Coincidentally, as I was getting this scan ready for release, someone requested it on 4chan. (more…)

URC’s “i.D.M. Side B”

Another full color doujinshi, URC’s “Idol de M@sturbation Side B” was released during C73. Links and comments below the cut. (more…)