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Hellabunna’s “The End of the Century is Coming”

I think this was already scanned, but I decided to scan it anyway since I was already scanning a bunch of copybon.  This was actually printed on slightly reddish/purplish paper and ink, but it didn’t really come out in the scan, so I just greyscaled it.  Enjoy! (more…)

Hellabunna’s “Large and Small”

New scan time!  Here’s a great Hellabunna doujin featuring Klan Klan from Macross F in both her forms.  I’ve had this sitting around for a little while and kept forgetting to post it, so I figured now is as good a time as any. (more…)

Hellabunna’s “Slave Vacation”

This copybon by Hellabunna has already been scanned, but the resolution wasn’t that great, so a couple people asked me to rescan it. The title is apparently “Summer Vacation” or “Lunch Break” but with “Slave” instead of “Summer/Lunch.” I went with “Slave Vacation” because I thought it sounded better than “Slave Break.” Enjoy! (more…)