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ReDrop’s “Spring’s Chun-Li Book”

Here’s another new scan, this time a Redrop doujin featuring Chun-Li and Viper. I have the copybon that goes with it, but haven’t scanned it yet, so keep an eye out for it maybe next week or something. Also, I have some other really good things coming up soon, including some new Yuki Yanagi. Excited yet? (more…)

Yuki Yanagi’s “Slimy Juri & Chun-Li”

Here’s Yuki Yanagi’s latest doujin from C78, featuring a futa Chun-li screwing Juri, who I’m assuming is a new character.  It’s not like I’ve played it since the SNES days…  Anyway, enjoy your delicious Yuki Yanagi futa! (more…)

Kiki’s “Gay Soul! 3”

This doujin is an oddity; usually when there is a quality discrepency between the cover and the contents, it’s usually a matter of the cover being better.  This one, however, I find to have a better drawn interior than the covers.  If I’d *just* seen the cover, I’d have never bought it.  Luckily there were preview pages available when I bought it.  Enjoy! (more…)

Tsukasa Kotobuki’s “Street Fighter Monogatari”

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I know what we’re all thankful for around here: teh pr0ns!

Tsukasa Kotobuki is one of those artists whose doujinshi are not often scanned, and when they are, they’re often rather poor quality. So I decided to at least partially remedy that. If you’re familiar with his works, you probably know that a lot of his doujinshi tend to be republished a couple times with different segments and new covers. This is no exception, but the quality should be worth it. (more…)