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Behind Moon’s “Troubled School Life” (English)

My latest commission from SaHa is another Q (Behind Moon) magazine excerpt; this time from Megastore H 2004-06.  Enjoy your hot futastudent x teacher happy rape! (more…)

Behind Moon’s “Youth Clinic” [English]

This evening I have another commission from SaHa.  This time, it’s another chapter by Q (Behind Moon); this one from the March 2005 issue of Megastore.  It’s a rare non-futa story, in fact.  It involves a teacher obsessed with her cute shota student who wants to be more manly.  Enjoy! (more…)

Behind Moon’s “Dulce Report 10” [English]

Well, here it is!  Dulce Report 10, fresh hi-res raws and an English translation courtesy of SaHa!  This is definitely not the end, so I’ll be looking forward to the next volume, and hopefully the wait isn’t as long as it was for this one.  The fetishes in this one trump all the previous volumes combined; portal-based self-fucking and hot futa wedding sex, omnomnom.  Enjoy! (more…)

Behind Moon’s “My Mirrored Self” [Translated]

Here’s my latest commission, courtesy of SaHa.  It’s a chapter by Q (a.k.a Behind Moon) from the October 2005 issue of Megastore, entitled “My Mirrored Self” (known previously as “New Moon”).  Enjoy! (more…)

Behind Moon’s “It’s Not A Penis, So I’m Not Embarrassed!!!”

Here’s Behind Moon’s C75 doujin, featuring the characters of Strike Witches.  This is actually a rescans since I was not happy with the existing scan (it had terrible gutter shadow for one thing).  Enjoy!


Final Round of Previous Releases

My most recent releases were from this past February, and consisted of a pair from Angel Ravishment, a Manitou copybon, and the most recent Behind Moon doujinshi. (more…)