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C80 Partner Translations

I’ve been partnering with various translators, scanning things they want to work on and holding off on posting until they have the translation almost ready. So here is the list of those items for quick reference! I’ve included Hotfile links (click the images) for quick access, but if you’d rather give download hits to the translators, follow the links to the blog pages and download them there. Enjoy!


Hakaba’s “Kos X Elos”

Back in February, when Hakaba posted a teaser of this doujin, I KNEW I had to get it, scan it, and fap endlessly to it. It was everything I expected it to be. I’m so glad Xenosaga doujins are continuing to be released, especially by such stellar artists. Enjoy! (more…)

Jack-O’-Lantern’s “Jumonkousen” [English]

Here’s a brand new translation from Nameless Translator.  It’s a delicious Xenosaga futa doujin by one of our favorite artists, Jack O’ Lantern.  Enjoy watching Shion getting KOS-MOS dirty!

Also, Nameless Translator is looking for some editors.  If you’re interested, please post a comment here and include your email address in the specified field (it only shows up on the back-end) or email me and I’ll pass your address on to him.  Expect to either show some examples of your previous work or do a couple test pages to show your skills.  Thanks! (more…)

Destino de Abril 2 by Manitou

Derderder, I’m slow. Anyhoo, new translation.


Manitou’s “Destino de Abril 2”

Merry Fucking Christmas!!
Part The Fourth (see Nameless Translator’s Destino de Abril translation for The Third)

It’s not over yet! Here now is Manitou’s “Destino de Abril 2,” containing another Gurren Lagann story as well as a short Xenosaga story. KOS-MOS is a dirty, dirty girl. (more…)