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Neriwasabi’s “CarNavi-chan and I Vol.3”

Once again I have another chapter of CarNavi-chan, this time translated by Nameless Translator. Masahiko and CarNavi finally take their trip to Akihabara, but of course, nothing is ever that simple when CarNavi is around. The longest chapter yet, and to my knowledge, the most recent. I’m hoping Neriwasabi continues releasing chapters, although it’s been a while since this one came out. Enjoy!

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Neriwasabi’s “CarNavi-chan and I Vol.2.5” – English Translated!

My fourth commission, once again translated by 0405, is another CarNavi-chan book. This one is shorter, and is mostly miscellaneous shorts, including a series of 4koma. It’s very cute and funny, so download and enjoy. :)

navichan25-001.jpg navichan25-005.jpg navichan25-010.jpg

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Neriwasabi’s “CarNavi-chan and I Vol.2” – English Translated!

Presenting my second scan/commission combo! Translated again by 0405, this original non-hentai doujinshi is by Neriwasabi, or Jack ‘o Lantern as he is known by fans of his hentai doujinshi. It is cute, funny, and quite enjoyable. :) (more…)