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Todd Special’s “Golden NTR Theater”

And I am back from vacation! I’m kicking off with this doujin because of a brief conversation I had with a woman wearing a nice Dynasty Warriors cosplay (Getsu Ei/Yue Ying I think) and buying a URC doujin featuring the same character (bubbadg will be rescanning it eventually, btw); she mentioned she really liked ToddSpecial as well, so here’s a new one for her! (more…)

Todd Special’s “Blue Reflection”

Here’s a C79 rescan for you all. It isn’t as awesomely sexy as the Nier doujin ToddSpecial did a little while ago, but it’s still hot. Plus, Selvaria. :9 Enjoy! (more…)

ToddSpecial’s “Futanari Song”

Not quite a C78 release, but here’s a nice new one from ToddSpecial, featuring a really hot futa (love her outfit!). It also contains her fucking a shota, which I could do without, but her hotness makes up for it.  I love her expression on page 11. (more…)