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Kesson Shoujo’s “Kesson Shoujo Maniacs 13”

Here’s a scenario I’d enjoy experiencing: Coming home to find a girl asleep on my couch with a stiffy sticking out of her underwear.  Mmm, delicious girlcock, so tasty! This scenario quickly turns into a futa-threesome, of course, as well it should. Enjoy, and watch for a translation from YQII in the near future! (more…)

Kesson Shoujo’s “Mousou Note”

Those familiar with futanari should be familiar with the fantastic artwork of Kesson Shoujo.  This is actually a fairly long copybon, at 20 pages, and it’s incredibly hot.  The back cover has what is quite possibly the hottest image he has ever done, IMO.  Enjoy! (more…)