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Air Praitre’s “Double Oppai 3rd”

More C75 lovin’ this evening!  This is a Gundam 00 doujin by Air Praitre.  Enjoy!

Also, I have a bunch of C75 (and some older) copybon that I plan to work on after I get through a couple more full doujinshi. (more…)

[Tokorodokoro Archive] Air Praitre

With 0405 of Tokorodokoro At Night closing down his site and moving onto other things, I was afraid his doujinshi translations would be lost to the aether, so I offered to host them as a permanent repository.

Below the cut are two translated doujinshi by Air Praitre, entitled Hakudaku Kishidan and Hakudaku Seitokai Minna no Onanina. (more…)