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Nao Kokonoki’s “Princess of Darkness” [English]

Poor Yurika.  :(  I’m watching for more old Nao Kokonoki doujins, but silly Y!J sellers and their prices of 6000+ yen. I’m not (yet, at least) willing to pay that. I did manage to score some older Koshow Showshow stuff, though. Keep an eye out for it.  :D Thanks as usual go to SaHa for the translation of this one. Enjoy! (more…)

Nao Kokonoki’s “Princess of Darkness”

Here’s a little blast from the past. Some delicious Nao Kokonoki Nadesico Movie porn! I really need to get all his other old doujins and rescan them, too. They’re not easy to find though.  :(  Anyway, this is actually the reprint version, so the cover is textured rather than glossy (the Keroro one is the same way). How do I know?  I accidentally double ordered the first volume of Lucrecia and got one of each.  Anyway, I’ll be scanning that whole series sometime before spring, so look for it here. I’ve commissioned a translation of this one, too. Enjoy! (more…)

Hase Tsubura’s “Azure Heaven”

Let’s all give thanks for a bountiful helping of porn on this fine day!  This doujin features Ruri from Nadesico in a series of short stories (4-6 pages each or so); it may be a compilation of copybon or something.  Too bad it has no futa for smekt. (more…)

Behind Moon’s “Squall” [English Translated]

Sorry for my absence.  I got a bit burned out and needed to take a break and work on other projects (backlog of model kits, for one thing…).  I’ll be slowly getting back up to speed, starting with a new translation from SaHa.  This is by far some of the weirdest stuff from Behind Moon yet.  It’s the first thing to make me wonder, “Hmm, do snails in the vagina count as bestiality?”  Anyway, it involves Ruri from Nadesico, but that and the nano-machines are pretty much the only connection to the series.  Enjoy! (more…)